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“On it!” Willow yelled from the kitchen.
Faith swept the air with the sword. She was still frisky and high strung from killing the last Klingon. She was up for a fight. The guy outside didn’t look too tough.

“Buffy’s too easy on these guys.” She thought. “This should be no problem.”

Klang stood with a ball of fire in one hand and his knife in the other. He was at the home of the Buffy Summers. This was her base of operations.

“poH tuj bI’reS Buffy qem jIH!” Klang screamed. “Bring me Buffy Summers!” His deep voice echoed in the night air. There was no movement from inside. He had to make sure the humans took him seriously.

“qaStaHvIS qul meQ” Klang finished the spell. The fireball in his hand jumped forward and slammed into the shields around the Summers home. Red flames licked the surface of the blue-white shields. Klang said the spell again. Another ball of fire leaped from his hand and slammed into the shields again. The shields faltered a bit. It blinked for a fraction of a second.

“Their magic is weak.” Klang thought. He said the spell again and launched another fireball. But this time things were different. The shields absorbed the energy of the fireball then launched it back at him. Klang barely managed to dodge the fireball as it struck where he was standing. Klang hit the ground yards from where he was standing.
“Hey!” Said as voice in the dark. Klang turned. Faith stood over him. Her blade slashed down and buried itself into Klang’s chest. Willow’s shield had distracted him long enough. Klang growled. His blood dripped to the ground. Klang stood as the Summer’s home lit up like a million-watt bulb. The energy Klang had supplied had been magically amplified thousands of times and fired back at him. The blast hit him square in the chest tearing his body open. The blast also knocked Faith into the air. She landed a few yards away.
Faith’s vision was blurred. She had miscalculated the blast effect of Willow’s shield. She sat up. Her head was groggy. She saw two of everything. She had a high-pitched ringing in her ears. Before her, the tattered and bloody form of Klang struggled to his feet. Faith watched in horror as the flesh of Klang reassembled itself. Open wounds healed right before her eyes.

“No way!” Faith muttered. She began to understand that this was no ordinary vampire. The “Cast-Out”, as Shohas called them, were far more powerful than anything on Earth.
“faithless Ha’DIbaH” Klang screamed. He had called her a faithless dog. “You have no honor!” Klang turned his head to her. He could see now. His eyes had reformed. They glowed with a soft white light.

“This is not the way it’s done!” Klang spoke to her. “Combat requires honor. We are not animals, we are Klingons!” Klang rushed Faith. His knife slashed down. Faith blocked it with her sword. Klang pivoted and kicked her in the face with his left foot. Her head snapped to the side. Faith went down. Klang heaved his knife forward towards Faith’s heart. His knife hit metal. Klang turned his head. Buffy Summers stood there.

“Not on my watch.” She said. Buffy reversed the bat’leth. She took it with both hands and sliced at Klang’s throat as Admiral Karath had taught her. Klang smiled. The tiny human female carried the sword of honor. This was a joke! Something else bothered Klang. This was the second time tonight the humans had attacked. Was every female on this planet trying to kill him? Buffy swung her bat’leth again. She used the blunt side to strike Klang against the head. Klang stumbled backward. Buffy took a deep breath as she came towards him. She was focused on the kill. Admiral Karath had taught her never to give the cast-out a break. He taught her to kill the cast-out fast. Buffy lunged at Klang. Her bat’leth cut the air. The razor-sharp tip came down fast. Klang grabbed Buffy and flipped her on her back. The Klingon rolled to the side. He grabbed her services uniform and pulled her closer. The vampire showed his sharp teeth. His Dk’Tang knife rested against Buffy’s throat. Her carotid artery pulsed with hot and strong blood. Klang knew it would taste sweet.

A bright yellow-white light from a type-2 phaser came out of nowhere and struck Klang dead center. The Klingon was blown backward. Half of his body was missing. Green sparks lit the side of his body. Magic was already starting to rebuild him.

Worf stood above Buffy. His face was solemn. His jaw was hard set. The cast-out were the stuff of Klingon nightmares. Behind him, a young Klingon female stood there in open mouth shock. Buffy was real! The girl from her dreams was real!

Worf tapped his comms badge. “Four to beam up.” He said. Worf and the three women disappeared in a beam of light.


13. chapter 13

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy opened her eyes slowly. The overhead lights of the medical bay were bright and soft. Buffy blinked twice. A single tear rolled down the side of her face. There were people in the room with her. There was a tall woman with red hair and a shorter man with a bald head talking to a werewolf.

“Klingon.” Buffy thought. “They call themselves Klingons”

The Klingon stood with his back towards Buffy. The shirt of his services uniform was in tatters. The Klingon moved his hands franticly describing something to the bald-headed man and the tall red headed woman. The Klingon turned briefly to look at Buffy as he muttered something to the bald-headed man who frowned slightly. The Klingon held something metal in his hand. It was Buffy’s Bat’leth. Worf felt the Bat’leth in his hand. It was almost weightless and perfectly balanced.

A young girl stood next to Worf. There was something about her Buffy found familiar. The Klingon girl turned and looked at Buffy. An energy passed between them. This was the same energy she felt the first time she had met Faith.

“Slayer!” Buffy thought. Things were more interesting now. The Klingon girl walked between Buffy and Faith who was still unconscious with a dark bruise along her neck. Buffy recognized the look on her face. It was an expression of utter despair. She had seen it on her own face a thousand times before.

“Kronos is gone.” The Klingon girl muttered mournfully. Buffy recognized enough of the Klingon language to understand that Kronos was the Klingon homeworld.

“*jIQoS*” Buffy said “I’m sorry.” They looked at each other a moment as a recognition passed between them. Tavana recognized Buffy from her dreams. She had seen her standing on a tower built by madmen. She had seen her wrapped in a halo of light as she plunged to her death. She had seen her claw her way out of her grave and had seen her send her lover to hell. Tavana knew that Buffy was the answer to returning Kronos. Buffy understood her desperation for hope. Buffy took her hand and held it firmly.

“Don’t worry,” Buffy said with as much sympathy as she could muster. “I’ll get Willow right on it.” Tavana understood and smiled. Worf turned suddenly to face Buffy.

“The slayer is awake.” He said.

Doctor Crusher ran a medical tricorder up and down the length of Buffy’s body. The readings surprised her. Buffy was almost healed and in near perfect health. The same was true of the other woman Worf had returned with to the Enterprise. The two women had healed remarkably fast. Crusher was amazed.

“These women.” Worf said to Picard, “Dared to fight the Cast-Out alone.” Worf looked at the bat’leth in his hand. “Where did you get this?!” Worf demanded.

“*SuvwI’ nIv*” Buffy slipped into Klingon. Worf was shocked. The Human female’s pronunciation was perfect. “tlhIngan ghojmoH SoH ‘Iv” Worf replied. He had asked “Who taught you Klingon?” Buffy sat up in her bed.

“Admiral Koroth of the Klingon high command.” Buffy replied.

“Admiral Koroth?” Picard murmured. He had heard that name whispered of in the halls of Starfleet Intelligence. Picard had looked into the background of Admiral Koroth. Most of the files he could find were heavily redacted.

“What of the creature?” Picard asked. Worf had hit it dead center with a phaser set to kill. The creature still lived. The files that suddenly appeared in the ship’s computer were very clear. The creature was the reason they were here in the first place.

“Both Klingon history and myth agree on this.” Worf said. “In the beginning, Kronos was not a paradise. It was a hell world. It was ruled by foul demonic beings that drank our blood and made us slaves. The emperor Kahless chased them from the planet and cast them into the outer darkness.

“This lead to “*ibatlh mIwvam’e’*”, “The way of honor””

“What are you saying Worf?” Picard asked. “Are you saying that that creature below is one of your cast out? Are you saying that we are fighting the supernatural?

“The creature below us can destroy both Earth and Kronos. “Worf said with force. “It took a direct hit from a phaser set to kill and survived.”

“What you need is a slayer.” Buffy said.

“What manner of warrior is that?” Worf asked.

“We are supernatural.” Buffy replied. “We have been blessed with the strength, the speed and visions to battle the unholy. Surely, Klingons have slayers?”

“No Klingon child has ever been chosen.” Tavana said. Buffy looked at her oddly. “Never?” she said.

“Killing the creature won’t be enough.” Worf said. “The creature has dishonored the house of Klang. Klang was sent here to die with honor. He did not. He became a monster. His son’s will bear the mark of his dishonor for five generations.”

“We need a plan.” Buffy said. In the next bed over Faith started to stir. “We need a way to take this guy out in a way that redeems his honor.”

“and save Kronos.” Tavana said softly.

“Yeah, that.” Buffy said in response to Tavana. Buffy walked towards Worf with her hand out. “I believe that’s mine.” She said indicating her ownership of the Bat’leth. Worf looked at her and grunted. The Bat’leth was a fine weapon. He was not sure it should be in the hands of a barbarian. Worf grunted as he held the Bat’leth out. Buffy took it from his hand and held it in the first position. The curve of the blade fit snugly in the crook of her arm.

“Why are you here?” Buffy asked. She knew that Klingons were from the future. “Humans and Klingons won’t meet for another four hundred years. Why are you here now?”

“We found the files.” Picard said. Buffy looked puzzled. “There are thousands of video files buried in the ship’s computer covering this event. The loss of Kronos can be traced to the events here. We had no choice.”

“Willow!” Buffy thought. “What have you done?”

Amanda appeared in the safe house in a flash of blue-white light. She hated running away from an old friend like that but she had a role to play. Amanda had the Borg transwarp core with her. She placed it in the energy spectrometer and then slaved the results to a radio transmitter. She sent the results on a Borg frequency. She manipulated the transmitter on the roof to point to a wormhole she knew would send the signal into the past. Amanda was betting that the Borg would notice that the radio signal held information about advanced Borg technology. They couldn’t resist investigating.

“Now we can start the End.” She thought to herself.


14. chapter 14

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy stood at the entrance to the holodeck suite. From the outside, it looked like any other door. It was a dull gold color with a lighted keypad to the left of it. Worf joined Buffy at the entrance to the holodeck.

“Ready?” Worf asked Buffy.

“Yes.” Buffy replied. The door opened. Inside was a new world.

“This thing can make a copy of any world?” Buffy asked.

“Yes.” Worf answered as he moved past her to enter the room.” Using holograms and force fields, this room can reproduce almost any environment programmed into it.”

“What is this place?” Buffy asked as she turned up her nose at the gray fog covered landscape.

“This a calisthenics program,” Worf answered. “I use it for battle practice and exercise.”

As Buffy moved through the fog-laden landscape she could hear birds overhead and the sounds of creatures moving through the bog.

“Can people die here?” Buffy asked. This place was starting to give her the creeps.

“With the safeties removed, it is possible to experience death,” Worf answered. “Here you can die with a blade in your hands and your eyes open. Here you can meet death with honor.”

Buffy thought about her Klingons at home. They came to Earth to die with honor. Buffy thought they could be better served by coming here. Worf stopped in front of her. Buffy stopped behind him. Buffy unslung her Bat’leth from its pouch. She held it in the first position cradled in nook of her arm. Buffy and Worf stood back to back. The large Klingon towered over her.

“Computer, start program.” Said Worf.

A Klingon male came out of the fog. It was Klang. The computer image stood there a moment growling at them. His eyes shone a hellish yellow. His teeth were fangs.

“This is a tactical simulation,” Worf said. “It is based on models derived from Klingon legends. “Worf casually unsheathed his Bat’leth as he assumed an offensive stance. The model of Klang slammed into Buffy knocking her to the ground. It turned and raked it’s claws against Worf. His shirt tore as Klang drew blood. Buffy scrambled to her feet. She held he Bat’leth with the sharp edges outward.

“You took the safeties off?!” Buffy exclaimed. She was shocked. Buffy understood that she could die here.

“You must be ready.” Worf said. He ignored the blood seeping through his shirt. His focus was on the monster before him. Klang crouched as he focused on Worf.

“*jeywIj bIHegh*” Klang snarled. He’d said “I’m going to kill you”

“Today is a good day to die.” Worf replied.

Buffy didn’t have time for this nonsense. She struck Klang across the face with the blunt edge of her Bat’leth knocking him backward. She jumped in striking him with a hard blow from her right hand. She then hit him again with a blow from her left. Klang stumbled backwards and fell flat on his back. Buffy flipped her Bat’leth pointing the sharp edge forward. She swung it down as hard as she could. The Bat’leth sliced through skin and bone and buried itself deep in Klang’s chest. Klang took the Bat’leth and tore it from his body. He flung her bloody Bat’leth away as he screamed his rage as he rose to his feet.

“Get behind me.” Worf said to Buffy.

“Never.” She said. Buffy knew she had to face her monsters head on. She didn’t run from the Master, from Angelus, from Adam or Glory. The problem was that she and the Klingon were too evenly matched. They could trade blows until the cows came home. That would get her nowhere.

“Magic.” Buffy thought. “I’m going to need magic.” Buffy stood perfectly still as she remembered everything Willow had taught her. She moved her fingers in the ancient pattern as she muttered words in Latin. A golden white jelly like substance appeared around Klang. The binding spell has worked. Klang looked more irritated than anything else.

“Is this the best you can do?” He asked. Klang hissed an old Klingon spell. The binding jelly melted away. The Klingon stepped forward. He had made up his mind to kill both the Klingon and the Human.

While Klang was emerging from the binding spell Buffy was sprinting for her Bat’leth. She found it in a bunch of computer generated bushes. She found it just as Klang slammed into her. The last thing she saw before she was taken down was Worf laying on the ground.

Buffy hit the dirt with Klang on top of her. The Klingon pressed the Bat’leth down on her throat cutting off her airway. Buffy gasped as she tried to push the Bat’leth away. This was terrible. The safety protocols had been disabled. Klang could actually kill her. Her strength was easily outmatched by the computer simulation.

Worf sat up. His vision was blurred. It took a moment for everything in his field of view to settle down. Worf rubbed his head. He could feel bumps that was not there before. He hoped he didn’t have a concussion. Worf noticed Buffy struggling against Klang. The cast-out could kill her.

“Computer, I need a way to destroy the creature attacking the Human Buffy Summers.” Worf said to the air before him. Freezing the simulation would not give him the answers he needed. The ships computer hesitated while it reviewed thousands of gigabytes of ship’s data. It reviewed both Federation and Klingon mythology and technology. After thousands of milliseconds it has an answer. The holodeck simply recreated the only person ever to defeat the cast-out.
Kahless the Unforgettable stood before Worf. His long raven black hair framed his round face. Kahless looked around briefly. He noticed the cast-out killing Buffy.

“*batlh Hutlh roQ!*” he said with much anger. “These creatures have no honor!” Kahless spoke the spell his mother had taught him long ago. His Bat’leth began to glow with a soft yellow-white light. Golden sparks dripped off of it.

“*Hoch bIHegh jIH ‘e’ vIHar*, I thought I killed you all” Kahless said.

Kahless strode towards Klang. The cast-out did not hear him approach. Kahless drove the tip of the Bat’leth into Klang. The cast-out roared. Bat’leth twisted the blade and spoke the curse. A portal opened at the tip of the blade. A pool of pure blackness expanded outwards consuming Klang. The cast-out disappeared like a wisp of spoke.

“The killing spell!” Worf thought. This was the oldest Klingon magic.

Buffy rubbed her neck as she sat up. There were still spots before her eyes. Klang had almost killed her.

“This was a good warm up. But, we must continue training.” Worf said. “Computer, level two.” Klang screamed as he reappeared out of thin air. Buffy exhaled as she continued her training.


15. chapter 15

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy had one arm around Worf as she limped down the hallway. Her left leg was scratched and bloody. It felt as if bones were broken. She rested her weight on Worf who looked as bad as her. His uniform was torn and he was covered in scratches. There was a bloody, jagged gash down his back. The vampire Klang had put up a hell of a fight. Buffy and Worf felt like failures. They had only made it to level three. Worf had programmed five levels into the holodeck all based on Klingon mythology. Klang appeared to be undefeatable using a frontal attack. In every scenario, they had barely managed to escape the vampire and only then by using enchanted weapons.

“I need to find a magic axe.” Buffy said to herself.

“You have no mystical weapons?” Worf asked.

“No.” Buffy said. She found it strange that slayers had to kill with their bare hands.

“We have stakes.” Buffy said as a lame defense.

“Yes, those pieces of wood you fight with.” Worf was incredulous. “Your world is protected by a tiny female with a piece of wood?”
Buffy’s expression soured a little then brightened. She remembered that she had saved the world multiple times over.

“I do ok.” Buffy said as she and Worf limped down the hallway. She remembered something.

“My bat’leth!” Buffy yelped as she stopped. She had left it back in the holodeck.

“I can go back and find most of it.” Worf said. “It was shattered into many pieces.”

“That’s ok.” Buffy said. They limped on. The doors to the medical bay opened. Doctor Crusher looked up from her desk. She was reading a paper on Vulcan genetics. Worf led Buffy to the nearest medical bed. Crusher came over to them quickly. Crusher gave Worf the evil eye and pressed her lips together showing her disapproval.

“Holodeck?” She asked. Worf nodded an affirmative. Crusher shook her head.

“Those safeties are there for a reason.” She said. Crusher looked up from Buffy’s wounds and into her eyes.

“Never train with a Klingon.” Crusher said deadpan. She was serious. She had fixed up scores of crewmen not from away missions but just training with Worf.

“Well, it was intense.” Buffy responded. Secretly she was afraid it was not intense enough. She knew she had a confrontation with the vampire Klang.

**The third Klingon Battle Fleet Stardate 2205**
The scrawny Klingon tech made his way to the admiral. He was young and scrawny by Klingon standards. He had failed the physical training at the academy but he found other ways to serve. He currently served as a data analyst for the high command. There was disturbing news from the homeworld. Some sort of wormhole had appeared near Kronos. It was on a path to intercept the planet. It would consume Kronos in only a matter of hours. But that was not the reason he was scurrying to the office of the fleet admiral. For the most part, the warriors of the fleet left him alone to do his work. In the hours between analyzing battleplans, force projections, and logistics for the fleet he did his own personal research. What he found in the deep archives was disturbing. Apparently, the Humans had bred a class of warriors specifically for warfare against the Klingons. These warriors were cunning, strong and dangerous. They were called Augments. They were also called Slayers. The fleet had to know. These Augments had already engaged the Klingons. He has seen the records of the death of Captain Kragtowl at the hands of an augment named “Faith”

The tech made his way to the admiral’s office. After long minutes, they let him in. The tech made his case. The admiral listened patiently but waved him away. The admiral knew all about the files recovered from the “the Stephen Hawking.” He also knew about the return of the cast-out and how hundreds of years ago the Human augments had deployed a disease that attacked Klingons at the genetic level. Still, he was hesitant to get involved. The tech was exasperated. He decided to move on to something the admiral just couldn’t ignore.

“There is a wormhole forming near Kronos.” The tech said. “The human augments refer to it as a Hellmouth. Sir.” The tech pleaded. “This “Hellmouth” is a gateway to the outer darkness. Kronos will be trapped in the hell of the cast-out.” The admiral’s face became pensive as he thought about the implications of a hellmouth forming near Kronos.

“Who is the leader of these augments?” the admiral asked. The tech produced an image of a young human woman holding a bat’leth.

“The leader of the augments is named Buffy Summers. She is the key to StarFleet aggression.” said the tech.

“What is the status of the homeworld?” The admiral asked. The tech retrieved a video stream from the deep space observatory. It showed the Klingon homeworld half-eaten by a black hole. Huge chunks of the planet were breaking away and falling into the red streaked maw of the hellmouth.

“Billions will be dead soon.” The tech pleaded. “Everything will be lost.” He said sadly. The admiral had heard enough. He keyed the fleet communications channel.

“Attention third high battle fleet.” He said in his best command voice. “Prepare for deployment pattern Omega-061. This is a temporal incursion to Earth 1996 AD. Around the admiral, hundreds of “Bird of Prey” class battleships began to deploy. The fleet moved out as the ships began their journey to ancient Earth.


16. chapter 16

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“Why are Klingons here?” Buffy asked. She and Worf had gone into ten forward to get something to eat. Buffy was amazed at the technology of the Enterprise. They made food out of thin air and it was good. Buffy ordered a simple T-bone steak smothered in gravy and sautéed mushrooms with dinner rolls and a tall cool glass of grape Kool Aid. Worf ordered what looked like a plate of hot worms. Buffy turned up her nose slightly as she turned to find a place for them to sit. Buffy found a table near the observation port. Outside the unbreakable window, she could see the awesome landscape of the Earth. The Enterprise was in low orbit. Buffy would see the deep brown landscape of the California coastline as well as the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean. Thin clouds covered the land beneath her. Buffy and Worf sat at the table and began to eat. Worf took a look at her steak and wondered how such a strong warrior could eat something so soft and dead. His Gagh was warm, fresh and alive. It was a meal fit for a hero. Something had begun to bother Buffy. She had questions for Worf.

“Why are Klingons here?” Buffy asked. Over the last few days I have come across scores of you people.”

“Yes, why indeed.” A man answered. Buffy looked up. She didn’t recognize him. Worf recognized him immediately. He tapped his comm badge.

“Intruder Alert!” Worf said barked.

“Let’s keep this private.” Said Q. “I’ve taken the initiative of disabling your comm badge. “The Q smiled as he joined them. Q sat between Buffy and Worf. Buffy found his smile unnerving. Worf growled. He didn’t like the man at all.

“Yes, why are the Klingons here?” The Q asked rhetorically. “Things have gone better than I could ever hope.” The Q smiled at Buffy as he dug into his cream pie.

“Do not listen to him!” Worf said with muffled anger. “He is a liar! a trickster!”

“A trickster like Loki?” Buffy asked. She had a hard time understanding why Worf was so upset.

“Asgardians.” Q muttered to himself. “A pain in my ass…”

“You Humans are developing too fast.” Q said. “Do you know just how extraordinary dangerous you are?” Q asked Buffy. “I knew the hellgod Glory and you people murdered her flesh suit not to mention that you’ve got a ticking time bomb of madness and death in that Rosenberg of yours.”

“Murdered her Earth suit?” Buffy thought. She would have to ask Giles about that when she got back home.

“You must be humbled.” The Q said. “Your activities are too disruptive to the continuum. Thanks to one little vampire you’re going to find out your limits. You will be put in your place.” The Q finished his pie and pushed his plate away. Buffy noticed a group of men rushing towards their table.

“Security is here.” Worf said. Q glanced over to the dark-skinned woman behind the bar.

“I should have disabled everyone’s comms.” He muttered. “Understand this Slayer.” Q said as he turned his attention back to Buffy. You have very little time before Klang opens the hellmouth on this world and then lights out for everybody.”

“Not my first end of the world deal.” Buffy said casually. The Q smiled. “That’s the patented ‘can-do’ Summer’s sprit we all know and love.” Buffy smiled at him.

“You’ll find that I’m very good at what I do.” Buffy said confidently.

The Q smiled a wicked little smile at her. “We’ll see.” He said and then disappeared. The security team stopped just before they got to the table. They were joined a moment later by the hostess of ten forward.

Guinan stopped just short of the table with Buffy and Worf. She had seen Q appear and flown into a blind panic.

“Is everyone ok?” she asked. Both Buffy and Worf nodded an affirmative.

The two women walked the halls of the Enterprise. While Worf was training with Buffy, Faith toured the ship with the Klingon female Tavana.

“Starfleet is the exploratory arm of the Federation.” Tavana said to Faith. “The Federation, or the united federation of planets, is a conglomerate of independent planetary systems united for common defense and exploration. Faith heard the words but they held no meaning for her. All she knew was that she was on a ship full of monsters and she was itching for a fight. A pair of twin doors opened. They had arrived on the bridge. In the middle of the room was a huge viewscreen. Everywhere there was a riot of blinking lights and blinking consoles. Faith wondered how these people got any work done. A golden man stood up from his workstation and walked towards Faith and Tavana. Data stopped before the two women. He knew all about Faith. He knew about all the slayers. The files held in the Starfleet cloud were used by doctor Noonien Soong to build his memory core. Data was extremely curious to find out how such a complete record of events were created. If the records were correct, then magic was a real force and ancient humans had learned how to use it. Magic had destroyed Kronos and had created the special abilities of the human female named Faith.

“You are Faith the Slayer?” Data asked.

“The one and only.” Faith replied. They shook hands.

“I am extremely curious to know how you chose to become a slayer.” Data said. “What is the process of selection and transformation?”

“Dunno.” said Faith. “One minute I was a normal delinquent kid in South Boston, then the next, I’m dreaming of vampires and other type of monsters.” Faith looked around the bridge. Not a few of the aliens looked like demons she and Buffy had killed.

“I got the dreams.” Tavana said. “But I was never called.” Data looked at her. “Interesting, so the process is selective. I must speak with a specialist who has knowledge of the selection process.”

“Then you want big red.” Faith said. “Willow’s our go to girl for the mojo.”

“Then we must go see her immediately.” Data said.

“You’re going to see the one that can help me be chosen?” Tavana asked with a tremor of hope in her voice.

“Yes.” said Data. “My shift ends in four hours. I’ll make arrangements to visit Willow then.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Said Faith as she and Tavana turned to exit the bridge. In the back of her mind she hoped that she didn’t have to come back to the bridge to kill a few of the crew members.


17. chapter 17

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“There are thousands of them down there.” Said Worf. Buffy peeked over his shoulders at the data screen. She had casually mentioned the Turok-Han under Sunnydale held by the First. Worf had volunteered to scan the city. There were huge empty caverns under Sunnydale which held thousands of the vicious creatures.

“I’m going to have to do something about them one day.” Buffy said. Worf agreed.

“How long will it take to rally your troops?” Worf asked. Buffy looked at him and smiled.

“The slayer is alone. I am the one girl in the world with the speed, the calling…” Buffy thought for a moment. “Except for the other slayer.”

“If you can have two, why can’t you have a thousand?” Worf asked. He felt as if he was on to something important.

“Right now, a new slayer is chosen when the current slayer dies. No one knows how to invoke a slayer at will.”

“There has to be an algorithm.” Worf replied. “I don’t believe that slayers are chosen at random.”

“Figure that one out Worf and I will have my army.” Buffy said.

“Yes, you will.” Said Worf in agreement.

Klang squatted above the campfire. He rubbed his hands together as he muttered an old prayer he had learned in Gre’thor. A middle-aged human male stepped out of the darkness beyond the fire. His eyes reflected the shimmering of the camp light.

“Chilly out tonight.” Said Q. He smiled at the vampire.

Klang looked up at the man. He looked like an ordinary human but Klang would feel the sheer power radiating from him. He wondered if the being standing before him was here to challenge him for authority. Klang stood and growled. He fingered the blessed knife he held in his hands. Q looked at the knife. “Klingons…” He said. “There are four things in the universe that knife won’t kill and I’m one of them. So, put it back in your pants.” Klang reluctantly put the knife back into its holster.

“Listen, I like the work you did with Kronos. But I’m going to need the Klingon homeworld back in order for this thing to play out.” Klang twisted his head. Only hours ago, he had performed a spell that had cast the Klingon homeworld into a Hellmouth. The planet was gone.

“I can bring it back, rebuilding the cities and wiping everyone’s memory is the real challenge.” Q said.

“You will not undo my sacred vengeance!” snarled Klang as he stepped forward. The Q had an ugly feeling where this was going. Q aggressively stepped forward. He was toe to toe with the Klingon.

“I could burn you to death with a snap of my fingers.” The Q hissed. He knew that Klingons only respected strength. He hated the thought of killing the vampire. He wanted to leave that to Buffy.

“I will have my revenge.” Klang said. “We were cast into the abyss by faithless Kathless. Klang’s face hardened. “My brothers and I wandered the cold wastelands of nothingness.” Klang looked angry. He looked up at Q. “I will have my revenge on Kronos and the sons of Kronos.” He said.

“I understand.” Said Q. “If it’s Klingons you want, I know where one of them is right now.” Q smiled. He knew he had Klang’s interest.

“You know those women that keep trying to kill you?” Q said. Klang acknowledged in the positive.

“Well, the final Klingon that came to this world with you is currently with these women. Why don’t you go there and extract your revenge?” Q knew he had the Klingon. He could see the vampire hanging on every word.

“Where is this stronghold of warriors?” Klang demanded.

“1630 Revello Drive” said Q.

“Show me this fortress.” Klang said. “And I will burn it to the ground with their broken bodies inside. The souls of them will burn in the fires of Gre’thor.” Q smiled. “That’s the psychopath I know and love.” He said. Q wrapped his arm around Klang. “Come, let us partake of the path of vengeance.” He said as they disappeared in a flash of light.

Willow was amazed at the android. It looked very human. Its skin was clown paint white and its eyes were gold. It had an amazing mind. Willow was awed at how quickly it gained a grasp of magic and spell casting. A few minutes ago, it and Faith had appeared out of nowhere in a band of sparkling white light. Faith introduced him as a member of a crew of humans from the future. They were here because of the aliens that Buffy had brought back with her. Its name was Data.

Data sat on the floor across from Willow. He sat in a meditative pose. For him, the pose was unnecessary. He had access any of the data stored within him in a fraction of a second.

“The model I am working on is based on information transfer between quantum generated metaphasic fields embedded in a four-dimensional space.” Data said.

“Ok.” Willow said pretending to understand anything Data said. “I’m praying to the goddess for guidance of how to get us out of this mess.” Something about what Data had just said tickled her brain.

“Four-dimensional space?” Willow asked. “You mean three in space and one in time?” she asked. Her face frowned as something else occurred to her. “You’re talking about transmitting information across large regions of space-time outside the lightspeed limit. “

“Yes.” Data said. “I’m doing the calculations now.” Something else was bothering her.

“These “quantum fields”, you’re talking about is the mind?” Willow asked.

“Yes.” Data answered.

“Why?” Willow asked.

Data did something unusual. He hesitated a fraction of a second as he explored and discarded hundreds of possible responses. The video files that were a part of his memories showed him the terrible consequences of the wrong answer on the timeline.

“Buffy Summers is currently aboard the USS Enterprise-D. During her medical examination, she was scanned. The scan revealed that Buffy Summers is full of metaphasic energy. I believe that this is a clue as to how she was chosen to become a slayer.” Willow found it amazing. The android was doing homework on Buffy.

The eyes of Data dilated. “I have completed my calculations.” He said. “I have generated a model of how metaphasic energy can be transmitted by a properly calibrated quantum field. “

Willow twisted her head slightly to the side. “Huh?” she said.

“I’ve just figured out a way to activate potential slayers at will.” Data said.


18. chapter 18

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The Q and Klang appeared outside the Summer home in a flash of light. “There you are. Have your revenge.” Said Q. The Klingon was thrilled. He was here at the fortress of the only beings that had challenged him since his arrival. The Klingon moved out. He felt the blanket of energy covering the Summer’s home.

“It is shielded!” He yelled back a Q. Q said two words. “Murus Ruinam” The wall of energy fell. “Have at it.” Q said. The Klingon began to stride towards the Summers Home.

“Heads up!” screamed Caridad from inside the house. “Klingon inbound, and he looks pissed!” she said.

**Aboard the Enterprise-D**

“Sir!” The young ensign at watch said. “I have an unknown contact bearing two-fifty range fifteen kilometers. “

“Bring up the energy profile.” Said Riker. He was filling in for Data who had gone down to the planet with one of the slayers. Riker examined the energy profile of the contact. The ship’s computer was only a fraction of a second faster than him. It flashed a tactical profile of a Klingon D-5 cruiser. The name of the ship appeared under the profile. It was the IKV “Iron Will”. The former captain of the ship was Admiral Koroth.

“Put the contact on the main screen. Maximum magnification. “Barked Riker. The ensign complied. A tactical profile of the Klingon warship appeared on the main screen next to a graphic of target movement.

“Sir.” The ensign said. “The contact is directly above the Summers home.” The Andorian female sounded worried. Her antenna twitched. She had reviewed the hours of video files that suddenly appeared in the Star Fleet cloud along with most of the officers aboard the ship. Everyone knew what was coming next and the sacrifice to be made.

“And so, it begins,” Riker muttered under his breath. He tapped his com badge. “Riker to captain.” He said. The captain answered. “We have a Klingon D-5 battleship above the Summers home. “

“Admiral Koroth’s ship?” Picard asked.

“Yes,” Riker asked. “It appears that the files were correct. Picard muttered under his breath.
“I’m on my way to the bridge now. Order the ship to battle stations. Picard out.” Captain Picard cut the connection. Riker keyed the ship-wide intercom.

“All hands set battle conditions 1-SQ” Riker said. “Weapons hot.” He added. He had never issued that command before. It was the command to make phasers and torpedoes ready at a moment’s notice. The bridge lights went blood red as the ship went into tactical mode. The Enterprise shifted course as it moved into a firing solution for the Klingon ship high in the California sky.

**The Klingon High Command**
There was a silence in the high command for the space of an hour. No one dared speak. They had watched with fear and a mounting rage as the event horizon of a Hellmouth slowly swept over the sky of Kronos. They felt themselves cast into an endless pit, the howling winds of the frozen nothing and then things were just normal again. No Klingon anywhere on the planet had any memory of what just happened with the exceptions of the schizophrenic and the prophets. Rumors began to circulate in the asylums. Admiral Tengfei was filling in for Admiral Koroth who had gone missing for days. The high command was considering court marshaling him for dereliction of duty which carried the death penalty. Admiral Tengfei was an old friend of Koroth. He hoped his friend would meet death with a blade in his hand. Admiral Tengfei finally spoke. His voice was clear and commanding.

“Bring up the images of the ancient Earth.” He commanded. Video of Sunnydale appeared on the screen. It showed the Summer Kitchen from the viewpoint of the Klingon Shohas.

“Let’s wait and see of anything interesting happens.” Admiral Tengfei said.

**Sunnydale 1996**
Willow sprung to her feet and ran towards the Window. She could see the Klingon vampire walking up the street. He looked pissed. But then again, Klingons always looked pissed. Willow began to chant a spell. She had to keep the shield strong. Data joined her by the window. He looked past the Klingon and noticed the middle-aged Human standing behind the Klingon. Data recognized him as Q.

“This just got interesting.” Data said.

“Yeah, demons are one thing but rampaging aliens are another,” Willow replied.

“The Klingon is not the problem.” Data said. He pointed to the Q. “The being masquerading as a human is.” Willow noticed the human behind the Klingon.

“They both have power,” Willow said to Data. She looked up at him with wide eyes. Willow looked lost. Shohas walked up behind them. He peaked out of the Window. He spotted Klang.

“The cast-out have no honor.” He said in Klingon.

“batlh yIn” Data replied.

“HIja’” Shohas agreed.

“I will handle this,” Shohas said as he pulled out his three-bladed d’k tahg knife. “I came here to meet death with a blade in my hand and my eyes open. Killing this pig will restore honor to my house for ten generations. It is not right for humans to fight this battle.” Willow nodded in agreement. Data just looked at him with golden dead eyes.

“Go with him,” Willow said to Data. She knew that the android was strong and probability easier to fix than a person. Data rose to follow Shohas who gently placed the palm of his hand on Data’s chest. “No.” he said. “This is a Klingon matter.” Data shook his head. He understood. Shohas turned and walked out of the door.

After the door had closed behind Shohas Willow turned to Data. “Where is Buffy? She asked.

Outside, in the night Q watched his plan come to fruition. He watched as Shohas came out of the house and marched up to Klang. He knew how this would end. He knew that the Klingon battle fleet on its way here from the future would arrive just in time to see Shohas die and Earth infected by the cast-out. That same fleet would lay waste to the Earth rather than risk one of the infected getting back to Kronos. He had to show not only to the Humans but the Slayers as well about knowing their place in the universe and limiting their ambitions. The thought of his friend Glory being murdered by Humans was unacceptable and still filled him with a mind-numbing rage.

“We’re just missing one thing.” Q thought. He snapped his fingers. Buffy appeared in a flash of light. She had a bat’leth with her.

‘All the guests are here. Let the dance begin.” Q thought of the wonderful mayhem to come. Behind Buffy, something moved. It was Worf. He was pulled along with Buffy when Q had brought her here. They separated slightly as they marched towards the nearly unkillable vampire.


19. chapter 19

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy recognized the middle-aged man standing behind the Klingon vampire. It was the same man that she had seen aboard the Enterprise. It was the same man that had caused such a ruckus among the crew.

“Q” Buffy remembered. “His name is “Q”. Buffy turned to Worf who stood behind her. “What is Q?” she asked.

“We don’t know exactly.” Worf said. “As far as we can tell, he is a god.”

“A god?!” Buffy thought. Buffy smirked as she spoke to Worf. “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to kill a god. There was this chick Glory…”

“Don’t say her name!” Q snarled at them.

“Guy’s got hearing like a bat.” Buffy said. She was surprised that Q had heard her from clear across the street.

“What?” Buffy said. “Was she your girlfriend?” Q thought for a moment as he figured out a way to describe a complex multidimensional million-year old relationship to an ape. “She was a member of a tight knit community of celestial beings of endless power and she was my friend.” He said.

“So?” Buffy answered.

“You Humans have no respect for your betters.” Q said. “There was a time when the gods were feared. There was a time when you lived in holy terror of us. “

“Then the internet came along, then medicine, then cars. We don’t need you or that crazy bitch Glory. We Humans can do fine all on our own.” Buffy boasted.

“The disrespect shown by your species has not gone unnoticed.” Q replied. “You will pay here and in the future.”
“qab ha’dibah!” Shohas yelled at the vampire. Klang turned.

“The coward approaches.” Klang murmured. Shohas pressed the trigger switch on his D’K Tahg knife. Two heavy blades sprung out along the side of the main blade.

“I am not a coward today.” Shohas said.

“Well, at least you’ll meet death with a blade in your hand.” Klang said.

Shohas stopped. He raised his blade above his head he moved his other hand outward, fingers together and rigid in the classic serpent strike poise. Klang took his sacred knife and made a half circle for the warriors blessing. He gripped the knife tightly and pointed the blade at Shohas. Shohas leapt slicing down at Klang. The blade cut along Klang’s cheek. Tiny gold sparks appeared along his face. The scar was healed instantly. Before Shohas could move Klang jammed his knife upwards. Shohas did a half turn. The knife missed his completely. Shohas grabbed Klang’s arm trying to force the knife from his hand. Klang slammed his elbow into Shohas knocking him backwards. Buffy leapt forward at Klang. Worf stopped her. Buffy looked him in the face. Her eyes were wide. She was confused.

“Why?!” She demanded to know.

“He must do this alone.” Worf said.

“Why?” Buffy asked again. Clearly, Shohas was no match for Klang.

“It is a matter of honor.” Worf said. “He was condemned to die here. Klang must die by his hands or Shohas must die in the service of the empire. This way honor is restored to his family.” Buffy couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Klang is a vampire! Vampires are what I do.” Buffy said as she pulled away from Worf. Buffy turned her attention back to Klang and Shohas just in time to see Klang punch Shohas viciously in the face. Shohas went down hard. He hit the asphalt with a thump. Klang showed his fangs as he moved in for the kill. He was in full vampire mode now. Buffy sprinted towards Klang. The vampire sliced backwards with his knife. Buffy fell backwards. The edge of the blade swept only inches above her face. Buffy turned and sprung to her feet. She struck Klang in the face with her fist. As a slayer, she was stronger than a Klingon. Klang’s head snapped to the side and back. His knife flew into the air. It landed on the ground with a metallic sound. Buffy caught Worf’s eye. His countenance was intense. She could read the meaning in his eyes. She remembered what he had said about Shohas and honor. She glanced at Shohas. He was slowly returning to consciousness. Buffy heard a growl on the other side of her.

“Get the knife, get the knife!” Buffy screamed to herself. Shohas’s hand reached around in the dark only inches from Klang’s knife. Buffy turned to see Klang staring at her with yellow eyes and glistening fangs.

Admiral Koroth watched the scene below him with rising interest. He had to witness the end of this. He had to know that the empire was safe from the cast out. He watched as the vampire Klang easily defeated Shohas. Now the earth woman was involved. He did not see this ending well for her. Humans did not practice the way of honor. Even if she was to defeat Klang, the empire would not consider it a good victory. Koroth fingered the firing button for the torpedoes. If the slayer did not finish this properly, he would kill them all. Captain Picard entered the bridge. The bridge was bathed in blood red light. The ship was at battle stations.

“Firing solution number one?” Picard asked.

“Yes sir.” Riker answered. He had the Klingon ship in his sights.
“Ready torpedo tubes one through four.” Picard said. Riker checked the tactical display built into the armrest of the captain’s chair.

“Torpedoes ready.” Riker said. Something occurred to him. “Do you mean to eliminate the target sir?” He asked.

“This is a D-5 class Klingon battleship in the twentieth century. It does not belong here. The temporal prime directive forbids this.” Picard said. Riker noticed the grim determination of the captain. He knew what he had to do. Riker made himself ready to fire the photon torpedoes at a moment’s notice.

Buffy finally broke. “Get the knife!” she screamed. Klang leapt upon her. His arm was around her neck. Klang sank his teeth into Buffy’s neck. His yellow eyes rolled backwards in the ecstasy of the kill. Her body spasmed as her blood gushed out of her and into his mouth.

Admiral Koroth leaned forward. The vampire had the Earth woman. It was over. They had failed to kill the demon. Koroth pressed the command button. Five decks below him matter/antimatter torpedoes came to life.

“Energy spike!” yelled the tactical officer aboard the Enterprise. Picard did not hesitate.

“Fire!” he yelled at Riker. Twin points of light shot out of the Enterprise. The Klingon ship tilted slightly to the right as it began to bank. The first torpedo missed it by only meters. The second slammed into the thin nacelle of the battle ship slicing it in half. The torpedo exploded with the force of a five-megaton warhead.

“Kill him.” Buffy slurred as she began to die.

Shohas grabbed the blessed knife from the ground and jammed it into Klang’s ribcage. Klang fell backwards letting Buffy go. Shohas took the knife out and stabbed it into Klang again this time piercing his heart. Klang exploded into a cloud of dust as the sky above them lit with a blinding brilliance. The night sky turned violet white as matter and antimatter came together high above them in the California sky. The blast wave scattered the clouds and knocked Worf and Shohas off their feet.

**The Klingon Home World**
The high command was in stunned silence. They would not have believed it if they had not seen it with their own eyes.

“Humans have honor.” Admiral Tengfei said to himself. He could barely believe it was true but he had seen the evidence with own eyes. The Human female had risked her life to give Shohas the kill. She put herself in harm’s way for a member of the empire.

“Perhaps Humans are not totally worthless.” The Admiral thought. “But none of that matters now. The third battle fleet is on their way. The augment threat will be neutralized.” Admiral Tengfei closed his command console. His shift had ended. It was time for him to go home. Behind him Admiral Tai waited to assume watch.  

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