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The Borg had a problem to solve. Their investigation of metaphasic energy presented them with fantastic solutions to nagging problems in the Collective. They saw that metaphasic energy was primarily transformative in nature. The Borg sought to gauge the metric of that change. The Borg knew that metaphasic energy or magic could be shaped by the quantum field generated by an active mind. The Borg had billions of minds to spare. They wanted the engineering details of magic. They had the First trapped in a metal box designed to hold the phantom. The Borg knew that metaphasic energy easily attached itself to living beings. They did not wish to put the collective at risk. The Borg focused on the planet below and specifically on the town of Sunnydale. High frequency magic radiated from the Borg cube. It struck the Hellmouth dead center. The Hellmouth opened and death came out of it.

A small team of Borg beamed down into the Restfield cemetery. Grey fog rolled over the white tombstones. The air hummed with expectant energy. The Borg team scanned the graveyard for any unusual activity. They spotted something. There was movement near one of the gravestones. The dead began to moan. The noise built to a hellish chorus. A skeletal arm broke free of the ground. The living dead burst out of their graves. The Borg watched without trepidation or dread as the zombies approached them. The team leader of the Borg group shambled forward. The Borg wanted to assimilate the zombies for use in high risk missions near ionizing radiation or plague planets.

One of the zombies near the front of the pack lunged at the Borg. The zombie bit into the Borg face. Blood splattered in the air. The Borg did not scream. Cybernetic circuits in its brain edited out the pain. The eyes of the zombie were wide, its mouth had a fierce grimace. The hunger that burned in every cell of its body screamed at it to eat. The zombie lunged again. The Borg slashed down with a cutting blade. The arm of the zombie popped off, spun once in the air then hit the ground with a wet splat. The Borg followed through with the curve of the slash and stabbed the zombie in the neck injecting Borg nanites. The stab in the neck was a matter of programming. Zombies had no circulation or beating heart to spread the nanobots. The nanobots didn’t care. Borg programming had considered all options. The cells of the zombies were dead but death was irrelevant. The nanites began to build cybernetic components from any carbon molecule they could find. It took only seconds for the swarm of nanobots to build hundreds of sheets of carbon mesh only one molecule thick. The nanobots shaped the carbon mesh into machine parts that replicated exactly the functionality of the dead cells. Bit by bit the artificial cells created by the nanobots began to bring the Zombie back to life.

The effects of the zombie bite were spreading in the Borg. These zombies were resurrected by magic. The magic was infectious. It was not bound by physics or mechanics. The machinery of the Borg was irrelevant. The magic swept through the drone body in a flash destroying all of its nanobots. A moment later the magic destroyed the living cells and converted them into necroflesh. The light grey of the Borg skin color turned two shades darker. The cybernetic machines that once attached to living flesh detached from its body. Everything Borg melted from the drone body and dropped to the ground. The multispectral sensor imbedded into the eye socket of the Borg was the last thing to detach. A long streamer of rubbery flesh pealed down the face of the Borg before the eye piece fell to the wet earth.

The Borg knew instantly that something was wrong. One Borg had already been assimilated by the Zombies. The Borg had to contain the infection. Three pairs of energy emitters pivoted and fired. Three pulses green light leapt from the Borg. Two Zombies were hit dead center. Dead flesh exploded backwards in long burning streamers. The third Zombie was nicked. The pulse weapons from the Borg only managed to blow off its arm. The groans of the dead filled the air. Bloody burnt body parts withered on the ground. The collective considered its options. The drones adjusted their weapons for an incineration blast. They would simply erase the cursed flesh down to the molecular level. One of the Borg fired. A zombie flashed into plasma. Dead flesh was instantly heated to well over eight thousand degrees. The glowing flesh of the dead illuminated the graveyard.

The Borg that was bit by the Zombie turned on the other drones. It lunged into the nearest drone and drove its teeth into the drone’s neck. Dark red blood sprayed into the air. The zombified Borg pulled back tearing out a chunk of flesh. The Borg fell to the ground. Cybernetic circuits would not let it scream. The two remaining drones were not distracted. They could feel the full intent of the collective in their heads. The Collective wanted the zombies as drones. Nothing had the right to stop them. The two remaining Borg recalibrated their weapons, before they could fire, the zombified borg bit one of them in the leg tearing out a chunk of flesh. The drone pointed its weapon down and fired reducing the zombified borg to ash. The two Borg turned back to the pack of zombies coming toward them and fired. The Borg burned them to nothing.

The Borg prepared to return to the cube. But before they could leave, the twenty or so zombies that had been sneaking up on them from the other side of the cemetery attacked. Teeth tore at flesh and metal. The zombies leapt upon the Borg and tore them apart.


8. Chapter 8

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The Collective was at a loss for words. This strange planet they had found had surprised them at many turns. There were many places in the galaxy where metaphasic energy could be found but the Earth was the most intense concentration of metaphasic energy they’d had ever found. Billions of minds focused on the problem before them. A routine field test of their metaphasic equations had resulted in the extermination of several drones by beings that had been resurrected from the dead. The Borg accepted that they needed expertise in this area. They also concluded that metaphasic energy was too dangerous to expose the entire collective to it. The Collective gave orders. A single drone detached itself from its alcove. It marched to the place where they had stored the First.

The First, the original source of evil in the universe, was trapped in a box. The Borg had analyzed its energy pattern and knew that it was conductive to flesh. The Drone connected its nanobot conductor to the access port on side of the box and assimilated the First.

Five of nine shuttered as the full power of the First slammed into it. The Collective caught a glance of the essence of the being that had infected the Drone and instantly cut over ninety-seven percent of the communication channels to the drone and erected several hundred layers of mental shielding. The last thing they did was set the Drone chemical battery to overload unless they sent a reset pulse. If things went too far the Drone would explode with the force of a low yield nuclear weapon.

When the Borg felt safe they opened a channel to the Drone possessed by the First. The First flexed its new muscles. It always enjoyed the feel of new flesh. The evil energies of its being swirled in the cybernetic body of the alien drone creating ripples of power that radiated an aquamarine sheen trimmed in dark gold. It took only moments for the First to scan the entire Borg network and generate a strategy to destroy the beings that had taken it hostage. That was too easy to keep his full attention. The First resumed his hunt for Buffy Summers.

The First felt the presence of billions of minds. The Collective had focused its attention on him. The Collective peppered the reborn Drone with thousands of questions about the nature of magic and mystical forces. The First didn’t care. There was only one thing of importance to it.

“What is my designation?” He asked.

“You are a non-physical lifeform. We must create a new designation schema” The Collective replied.

“Call me Ghost.” The First said. “Short for “Ghost in the Shell.”” Ghost looked down at itself. The First did not like what it saw. The Drone body was covered with a dull black thermal mesh that kept the flesh at optimal temperature and automatically removed any waste products and healed any minor wounds.
The First used a few of its tricks and ripped a panel of metal from the wall by sheer magic. The metal plate broke into several large “V” shapes. Each shape attached to his chest in a contiguous pattern.

“This is more like it” The First thought.

“Ghost.” The Collective said. “You are to be our expert in the use of metaphasic energy. You will teach us how to assimilate magic.” The First smiled. He just now realized just how naive the Borg were. Their lack of experience was staggering. Magic was not something you could assimilate. Magic required the light touch and the willingness to sacrifice. You couldn’t just connect a magical item to jumper cables and expect it to power a transwarp core.

“What you guys needs is a demonstration of basic principles.” Said the First. Ghost lightly whispered an old spell “*Aerem ignem Spiritus ignite*” he said. A pulse of light flared along the coast of the United States. Thousands of miles below the Borg cube a small city on the coast South Carolina went up in flames. The city was wiped from the face of the Earth in an instant. The explosion could be heard on the other side of the planet.

“How does this inform us” The Collective asked the First.

“It informs you to the awesome power of magic.” The First replied. “It informs you that this is a power not to be toyed with. The voice of the First went up a pitch. It was becoming angry at the collective stupidity of the Borg.

“It informs you to let me go!” The First shouted over the com link to the collective. Ghost flickered as he attempted to teleport out of the Cube. The Collective caught him and held him tight in their grip. The Borg Shield that held the drone shimmered in a dull green light.

“You guys are starting to really piss me off.” The First Hissed. Several Drones approached him. The First knew they were here to help contain him.

“There is nothing more we can learn from you.” The Collective said. “You will be returned to your prison.”

“No way in hell.” The First thought. He whispered a spell “*Illud modo ne uri*” The Borg felt the shift in metaphasic energy and knew that it was dangerous. Ghost stood and stepped through the Borg force field as if it was water. At that instant, the Collective decided not to renew the sync pulse. The batteries powering the drone overloaded. There was a white spark on the back of the drone. The spell by the First kicked in. Fifteen levels of the Borg Cube glowed in a hard-white light as the air caught fire. Metal melted, circuits burned, tens of thousands of drones became blackened ash. A split second later the battery pack on Ghost exploded punching a hole in the side of the Cube. The Drone Five of Nine was obliterated. Metal sparks flew into the cold blackness of space. The First laughed as it returned to the dark dimension from which it came. The Collective sealed the breached compartment and began to reassign Drones to replace the dead. Before he could complete his journey home the First returned to the Borg Cube. An image of the torn corpse of Five of Nine appeared in every hallway of the cube.

“Hey assholes.” The First said sarcastically. “I know where you can find Buffy Summers.”


9. Chapter 9

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Buffy watched Khan breathe. His breaths were rapid and shallow. Drops of sweat beaded in his brown skin. Buffy found Khan the most fascinating object in the universe. She felt sharp pangs of desire shoot through her body. There was something about him that was just right. His strength rivaled her own. Buffy could feel waves of mystical energy coming off of him. She had only felt this way about Angel and Spike. They were both vampires. Khan was a living breathing man. She could grow old with him, she could have children with him. She could walk out into the bright light of day with him. Buffy held Khan’s head to her bosom and softly stroked his soft raven black hair. She wanted to nurture him directly from her body. His metaphasic energy mingled with hers. She could feel the sheer power of his presence within her. Buffy kissed Khan tenderly on the forehead.

“If you were mine.” Buffy murmured as imagined a life with him. Khan opened his eyes. Buffy released him.

“We should be going.” Khan said. “The creatures may be upon us at any moment.” Khan attempted to stand. His legs were rubbery beneath him. Khan put his hand against the wall to steady himself. After much trying Khan was able to steady himself. He said something very softly to the air.

“If you were mine. This world would be yours.” He said. Buffy smiled. Even unconscious Khan had heard her. Buffy held her head down as intense emotions swept over her. She needed to change the subject.

“I need to find Willow.” Buffy said. It took her a moment to realize that Khan didn’t know who Willow was. “She’s a very powerful witch. Perhaps she can do a spell…”

“Witch?” Khan thought. It was such an archaic term. The Federation and other cultures had reclassified witches as metaphasic energy workers hundreds of years ago from Khan’s point of view.

“Is she licensed and bonded?” Khan asked. Buffy looked at him strangely. Khan sought to explain.

“The metaphasic energy workers used by the Federation are provided by the cult of Rosenberg.” He said. Buffy’s eyebrows flew upward.

“Rosenberg.” Said Buffy. “Her first name is Willow” It was Khans turn to be shocked. He had read of the deeds of the witch Rosenberg. He expected her to be some type of monster.

Buffy didn’t have time to wonder about the shock on Khans face. She gathered the weapons taken from principals Woods office and started forward.
Nora, one of the potential slayers, appeared out of nowhere. Her red lips and pale skin seemed to glow in the dim light of the school hallway.

“Hi Buffy.” Nora said as she stood there oddly still. “People have been looking for you.” She said. It took Buffy a moment to remember.

“You’re Nora.” She said. “and you’re dead.”

“Still am.” The thing pretending to be Nora replied. Buffy looked frustrated. Between the Klingons and the Borg, she didn’t have time for this.

“You’re the First.” Buffy said. The shape of Nora shifted. The image of the Borg Drone Five of Nine appeared.

“My friends call me Ghost.” The First said. “And I still want you gone.”

“Not today.” Buffy smiled grimly at the specter before her. Suddenly two Borg drones appeared behind the First. They stepped forward. The Borg drones showed pasty white skin covered with black mesh and organic tubing. They looked like monsters. Khan passed the battle axe to Buffy as he tightened his grip on the katana sword.

“You think that pig sticker is going to work against my boys?” The First asked. “The Borg are slightly smarter than the Turok-Han. “I let them know where you are for fun.”

“Dick.” Buffy muttered as she charged forward slashing her axe downward at the first Drone. A mechanical arm came off and flopped on the floor. The drone took his other hand and blocked Buffy as she tried to bash the side of his head with the butt of the axe. Buffy and the drone struggled in a contest of strength. Borg gears fought to keep up with her supernatural strength. The drone doubled the drive voltage to the motors controlling its arm to no avail. Buffy pushed forward breaking the arm of the Drone. Khan followed her lead. He saw how the Borg poorly adapted to physical attack. He grasped the katana with both hands and swung with the might of his Augment strength. The blade cut clean through the drone’s neck, spinal cord and the metal tubes buried inside of it. The drone’s head came off. A fountain of green white liquid used for blood and lubrication spouted into the air. Khan stepped back as the body fell careful not to get any of the green goo on him.

The First looked at Buffy and Khan with bored contempt. He had seen this all before. There were always a few heros dumb enough to interfere with his plans. He would kill the two fools before him as he had killed so many others. The First begin to mutter in Latin.

“That sounds like a spell.” Buffy said to Khan. The First continued to mutter the incantation. Buffy felt something flutter behind her. There was a slight fluctuation in air pressure. She turned around and looked at what the First had conjured. It was a portal.

“We got problems.” Buffy said to Khan. Khan turned to face the portal. The portal was strange and familiar at the same time.

“I know this” Khan muttered to himself. Half buried memories from his demon parts moved just beneath his awareness. The portal waivered in hues of black and red light. Yellow streamers flared along the edges of it.

“I hope you enjoy Quor’Toth.” The First said. “I’ll make sure to send some creatures around to kill you.”

The portal expanded like a hungry mouth opening to swallow them. Khan lifted one hand. “No, I don’t think you will.” He said. White light flared from his hand flooding the room. The portal screamed and fell into itself. All that was left was a tiny smoking black hole that rapidly faded.


10. Chapter 10

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“What was that?” Buffy asked. She had watched in amazement as Khan had closed a portal with a wave of his hand. Buffy turned and looked back at the First masquerading as a Borg drone. It seemed shocked as well. The source of all evil had not expected this.

Khan shrugged his shoulders. “I dunno.” He said. He looked at his hand in amazement. “I can always feel this energy inside of me. I didn’t know I was that powerful.” Khan looked at Buffy. “Do you know what subject’s professor Walsh used in her research?”

“As far as I know, she used generic demons. Nothing special.” Buffy said.

“Generic?” the First said. “I happen to know she used at least three species of Granok demon and a Hellion class fighter.” Ghost crossed his arms showing his basic frustration with all organic life. From his point of view Borg and Humans were equally stupid.

“Angel told me he had met a time traveling demon named Sahjhan who was a Granok demon.” Buffy said. “A gang of Hellions destroyed the BuffyBot soon after my resurrection.” Buffy glanced at Khan worried. “What manner of creature is he?” Buffy wondered.

“Alright.” Said the First. “I’m going back to the cube and I’m coming back with an army of Drones.” He said. The First disappeared in a flash of light.

“We better be going.” Buffy said to Khan. “I want Willow near when he returns.” She and Khan headed out into the dark hallways of the school.

Willow pondered the diagram she had drawn. It was a circle filled with colored sand in the shapes of arcane symbols. It was a modified locator spell. She was using it to locate the potentials. The spell produced inconsistent results of anywhere between twenty and one hundred thousand potential slayers.

“This is not right.” Willow thought as she walked in a circle examining the sand sculpture from all angles. Data had been helping her.

“I’ve analyzed the data from every execution of the spell.” He said. The results seem to be a function of time. The spell produces a maximum number of hits every seventeen point zero five seconds. Indicating that the spell might be responding to an object in a pseudo geosynchronous orbit. “

“The cube?” asked Willow.

“Most likely.” Data said. “The Borg may have assimilated potential slayers from other species.”

“If I activated the potentials, we can take out that ship?” Willow asked.

“The Borg have a profoundly intimate assimilation process. In all likelihood you end up activating every potential slayer in the Collective. We’re talking about trillions of beings and billions of slayers scattered over thousands of worlds.”

“It would be disruptive?” Willow asked.

“It would be devastating.” Data replied. “This could result in the wholesale collapse of the collective.”

Willow grinned. “Good.” She said. “Let’s teach these bastards a lesson. Willow walked over to a duffel bag in the corner. She pulled out the scythe. The razor-sharp edge of its blade sparkled in the rooms light. The weapon looked as new and clean and deadly as when the Guardians created it thousands of years ago.

“I can use this to activate all of the potential slayers at once. “Willow said. “It’s something Giles and I cooked up before aliens started falling out of the sky. “Willow placed the scythe in the center of the sand painting. She squatted as she laid the scythe in the center of the drawing then looked up. She remembered another spell related to the slayer. It was a spell that almost got her and Xander killed. She had used it the night they had shut down the Initiative.

“Do I have the right?” Willow thought. The spell she was thinking of would have deadly repercussions to any Borg not a slayer. “Do I have the right to commit genocide?” she thought. “I need Buffy.” Willow murmured to herself.

“Speak and I shall appear.” Buffy said as she rounded the corner and walked into the room. Kahn was right behind her. Willow smiled. She was glad to see her old friend again. Buffy stopped and stared at Data. She had no idea what he was. Willow noticed the tension. She sought to explain to Buffy.

“This is lieutenant commander Data of the starship “Enterprise.” Willow said. “He’s from the future. He’s a good guy. He’s a white hat.” Buffy gestured to Data as she spoke.

“Is he..?” Buffy said.

“A robot?” Willow finished.

“I am a cybernetic lifeform created by Dr Noonien Soong after he abandoned his Human Augmentation Project. “

“Father abandoned us?” Khan said. Data looked at the dark human male as facial recognition software reviewed thousands of faces he held in storage.

“Khan.” Data said. The shock of recognition almost rattled his cybernetic systems. “You can’t be here.” He said. The logic of his brain understood the fallacy of that statement.

“Do you know who this is?” Data asked Buffy. Buffy nodded in the negative.

“This is the war criminal Khan Noonien Singh a genetic augment and general in the late twentieth century Eugenics Wars. He is responsible for the deaths of billions. “

“This is the nineties.” Buffy said. “This is the last decade of the twentieth century. I don’t see any Eugenics Wars.” Data thought for a moment. “Unless, the Eugenics Wars start because you brought Khan here. Buffy listened to Data but still kept her guard up. She had met killer robots before and didn’t trust them at all.

“C’mon. Let’s get this started.” Willow said. She began to chant the incantation of the activation spell.

“*Words to the Goddess. Prayers to the Goddess. Protector of woman …of women. The power of the Goddess. Queen of the -Moon of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water, of the Angels of Guardians and of Slayers …of Slayers …of Slayers…Goddess Queen of the Moon of the Earth, Air, Fire, Water of the Angels of Guardians and of Slayers… of Slayers… of Slayers, of SISTERS…*”

The First appeared out of nowhere. Fifty or more Borg Drones beamed down from the cube. They surrounded Data and the Humans.

“I promised the Collective one specific slayer. I can’t have you filling the world with generic off brand slayers.” The First said.

“Fiat!” Willow screamed as she threw a hand full of sage onto the scythe. A bright light exploded filling the room with its brilliance. Everyone with the exception of the First was blinded.

“*Oh, my Goddess!*” Willow exclaimed as the source of the slayer power pulsed through her.

The First appeared in an assimilation chamber. Several Borg and Buffy appeared behind him. The First had ordered the collective to beam them out of there as soon as Willow had started her spell. Buffy was unconscious. Nanobots had already been inserted into her. Her skin color had changed from pink to grey. Other Borg were arriving to remove limbs and make any alterations to her body deemed necessary by the collective. The First heard weapons fire from the hallway outside. There were the sounds of struggle and weapons fire. An explosion rocked the hallway. The First peeked into the hallway. Around him dozens of Borg were locked in savage hand to hand combat. Thousands of Borg were breaking free of the collective.

“The witch did it!” The First thought. “She’s activated the potentials in the Collective.” The walls of the room turned black and became twisted like molten medal. Bright orange white spots of unholy fire began to appear in the walls. The lights died. The room looked like a hell dimension. The First could smell the magics being used. He recognized the coming of an ancient enemy. He knew what spell Willow was going to do next and did not plan to be around when she performed it.

“This place is toast.” The First thought. It disappeared in a pulse of light as it returned to its dimension. The last thing he saw before he disappeared was Buffy being wired into the Collective.

Riker tracked the Borg cube as it came out of the shadow of the Earth. He could not believe his eyes. The Borg cube was obsidian black. Ebony towers jutted from the four corners of the cube. It looked monstrous. It looked evil. There were flashes of silver white light throughout the ship as it rose out of the darkness of the Earth. The coven had told him to expect this. He would be sure to make an entry about this in his Watchers log soon.

“Captain.” Said Riker over the ships intercom. “There is something here I think you should see.”


11. Chapter 11

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**Unimatrix zero**
He was a captain in a great Klingon fleet in another life long ago. Today, he was just a simple boy standing on a hill overlooking fields of green grass that undulated to breezes of warm air under the clear blue sky above. Kirollo Rerka had no memory of his time with the Third Klingon Battle Fleet, gone were his memories of the temporal incursion that had taken him to a prehistoric earth. He had been taken when he had ordered his ship to attack the Borg cube that hung over Sunnydale. His mind blocked out the agony of conversion. After the nanoprobes had completely rewired his brain to remove his soul, the memory of his past life was wiped away. Now he was here in the collective dream state of the Borg. The Borg thought as one, they dreamed as one. The Klingon boy breathed. The air felt real, this moment felt real but it was a lie. This whole world was a communal fantasy carried by the interlink module buried in the Cortical array inserted into the brain of every Borg drone. The interlink carrier band activated during the Drone’s regenerative cycle. They could only come to the dreamlike world of Unimatrix Zero while they slept. A Human male approached him. The Human held a silver tray with several overlapping cheese slices. Between two of the cheese slices there was a gap. The man stood before the Klingon boy and pronounced:

“As you can see, I’ve left some room for the cheese.“ He said. Oddly enough, Kirollo Rerka understood.

**Sunnydale 1997**
Willow wanted to use the spell again. She knew it would make the slayers strong but she knew that the spell would come at a price. That price was terrifying, that price was death. Willow had used the spell only once against a hybrid named Adam. Later that night, the source of the slayer power tried to kill them all in their sleep. Still, Buffy was in danger and the world will filling up with strange techno-zombies.

“What do I do, data?” Willow asked. The golden eyed robot stared at her blankly. Silently, Data was processing thousands of scenarios in his head per second. He had no reliable record on the use of mystical forces. So, he was forced to give an opinion. Before he could do so, microscopic circuits in his head opened access to the Veritas files buried in his memory banks which were a mirror image of the Starfleet cloud. He saw that this moment was engineered by very powerful women from the future who would come to worship the redheaded girl before of him. Data knew the response that would make his present reality conform to the information in his head.

“Yes.” Data said as he felt a part of himself separate from himself. The changes the coven had ordered during his construction by Doctor Soong had kicked in. Dr Soong was in debt to the coven after they had saved him from a Klingon terraformed asteroid full of vampires just before it was destroyed. “Perform the joining spell.” He said. Data could swear that those words were said by someone else. Willow began to mutter as she sprinkled the sacred sand onto the burning sage.

“*By the generous will of the Ancients, the almighty power of the Divine Spirits…
Your supplicants humbly beseech thee to behold us, and that which we possess…
the moieties of the One, the Avatar…
Spiritus… spirit.
Animus… heart.
Sophus… mind.
We enjoin that we may inhabit the vessel, the hand…
daughter of Sineya…
first of the ones…
We implore thee: Admit us
bring us to the vessel!
Take us now!*”

The room exploded in a hard-white light. Willow and Data was blinded. The spirit of the Slayer heard them. It shot out into space and into the Borg cube. It entered Buffy and through her possessed the several trillion newly awakened slayers of the collective.

**Unimatrix zero**
There was a darkness at noon. A hard wind had come out of nowhere nearly blowing Kirollo Rerka off his feet. Darkness covered the sun. At the horizon, a black angry cloud stood. It had the shape of a woman and where it stepped the ground trembled. The face of the cheese man was ghastly white. His hands bent the metal tray in a spasm of pure fear.

“She is coming!” he cried. The cheese man dropped the tray and ran away.

**The Enterprise**
Sir.” Said Worf from the science station. “There energy fluctuations of an unknown type from the Borg cube.” Captain Picard peeked over Worf’s shoulder. The readings were indeed strange.

“Place the Cube on the main viewscreen.” Picard ordered. A vision of the Borg appeared on the main viewscreen. The Borg cube looked strange. The metallic outer covering of the cube was a shimmering black in color. At the four cardinal points of the cube were twisted obsidian spires formed from shapes from distant dimensions.

“This is new.” Picard thought. Across the collective, the magics of the Slayer shot like a hot arrow into the heart of the Borg. Billions upon Billions of slayers within the Collective had been awakened by Willow. Now she had joined those Drones directly to the source of their power. That power was not pleased. It began to tear the collective apart with its bare hands.

**Near the Center of the Milky Way Galaxy**
A fleet of twenty or more cubes gathered gravimetric readings from the black hole at the center of the galaxy. They were working on an idea for a Transwarp hub that would allow them to access this portion of the galaxy faster from their home in the Delta quadrant. There was a scream across subspace, lights flickered across the cubes then they exploded. The cubes became a string of bright pearls that lit the darkness at the edge of the singularity. Thousands of slayers were killed. Across the galaxy thousands of potentials of all species woke to their destiny.

**The Delta Quadrant**
Like a mother awakening at the cries of her children, the Borg Queen stirred in her assembly chamber. Her nanofiber laced spine slithered into the armored exoskeleton designed especially for her. Her mind awoke to the screams of billions of Drones being killed and trillions of computer systems in danger. She located the source of the infection and immediately ordered the cube to self-destruct. The cube disobeyed. The drones on the cube were still part of the collective but they were also possessed by another force, by a mind beyond the collective. The Borg Queen greeted the presence that possessed billions of Drones.

“Come dear, “The Borg Queen said sweetly over the interlink module. “We’re all friends here.”
“No friends!” said the daughter of Sineya.


12. Chapter 12

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

The Borg Queen examined the creature before her. During her time as the Borg she had assimilated billions of unique lifeforms. She had assimilated the lava people of Sirius B, the Bird people of Kruger 60 and magnetic consciousness of Calavera. But she had never encountered a being like the one that filled her sensor array. The interlock frequencies she used for inter and intra ship communications were a private channel used only to communicate between Borg. It was impossible for an outsider to access those channels. Yet, here she was. The first slayer filled every frequency of the comms link. The creature the Borg queen attempted to communicate with sounded angry and hostile. The Borg Queen spoke to the presence softly, kindly while another part of her energetically searched for a way to blow the creature out of the sky.

A darkness blocked the sky. A fierce and angry cloud in the shape of a woman drowned the dream world of the Borg in waves of angry blackness. Kirollo Rerka was not afraid. Despite what the Borg had done to him, he was still Klingon. He would not let this thing frighten him. He always showed how fearless he was. It was a matter of honor. A bat’leth appeared in his hand. This was the dream world. Anything was possible.

“bom, ‘ej SoH legh lojmIt og Gathor!” The Klingon said. He has promised the shadow shape that she would sing at the gates of Gathor this day. A bolt of blackness shot out from the cloud and stabbed into the heart of the Klingon. Above the Earth, a drone spasmed once then died in his regeneration chamber. The First Slayer flicked her wrist. The bloody corpse of the Klingon boy slid off of the blade that was her hand. Others has seen what had happened here. Most had run. A few fought. The First Slayer growled as she stepped forward to lay waste to the Borg dreamscape.

**The Enterprise**
The cadet felt a wave of energy move through her. Suddenly, she felt stronger, smarter and more focused. The training session with Worf had not been going well. Worf had defeated her at every encounter. She had bruises on her neck and arms. Klingon Cadet Tavana Kanff spasmed as the joining spell hit her. Only minutes before, she had been activated as a slayer by Willow below. Now through the joining spell raw power poured through her. She stopped her hiding and marched out of the bushes. She dropped her bat’leth as she approached Worf. She didn’t want to kill him. She had to get to the bridge immediately and the only way out was through Worf. Worf saw her first. He lunged towards her at full speed. Worf was a fully-grown Klingon male. He should’ve had speed and strength on his side. He slammed into Tavana at full speed expecting to knock her over. Tavana grabbed him by the throat stopping him instantly. Only her training kept Worf alive. Two fingers jabbed into his ribcage above the heart. Blood flow stopped for a moment. Worf collapsed. Tavana dropped his body as she headed for the bridge. She had to make sure that Buffy survived the thing that was to come next.

**The Borg Collective**
The infection had come out of nowhere. Billions of drones had come under the influence of a spell launched from Earth. The spell leaped from Buffy to every potential slayer in the continuum. Billions of minds awoke to a second life only to be hit minutes later by the joining spell. The power of the slayer hummed across the Galaxy. They all thought and felt the same thing.

**“We are the daughters of Sineya. Resistance is futile. All monsters will die.”** The spirit of the First slayer leapt across the light years through the Borg communications channels. Billions of slayers awoke across the galaxy and began to tear the continuum apart. A surge of power pulsed through the Borg. Sineya appeared in the chambers of the Borg Queen and stabbed her in the eye.

**The Enterprise**
Cadet Tavana appeared on the bridge. She looked wild. Her skin was covered with perspiration, her hair was still scrambled from training with Worf and her eyes glowed deep amber.

“We must pull her out.” Tavana said. Her voice was low and thick as if something ancient and strong was speaking through her. Riker looked up from the science station. He was in open mouth shock. The Klingon was under the full effects of the joining spell. The coven warned him that this might happen. Still, he was a Starfleet officer. He was not about to take orders from a hysterical Klingon child.

“Sir!” I’m reading low kiloton explosions from the Borg cube.” Said a nameless ensign, Riker checked the science station. The live feeds of the Borg cube showed bright brief flashes of light. The now black metallic frame of the ship trembled as the explosions grew larger.
“We have got to get her out, now!” Tavana roared. She could feel the rage of Sineya building. No force in the universe could stop the first slayer once she reached the peak of her power. Riker keyed the transporter room.

“Transport, try to lock on to a young Human female in the earth stages of assimilation.” Riker said. Tavana looked at him slightly relived. She was about to thank him when the Borg cube exploded.

“Please tell me you have her.” Riker said.
“Transport complete.” Said the voice on the other end.

“Get her over to medical. I’ll meet you there.” Riker said as he stood and headed to the elevator. Tavana turned and followed the first officer.

**The Delta Quadrant**
Thousands of Borg ships self-destructed as billions of Potentials throughout the galaxy awoke. Under the joining spell, Sineya used the newly active slayers as a conductive medium to move from cube to cube. She killed millions along the way. As each ship exploded and a newly activated slayer died a new slayer was chosen. Her energy spread throughout the galaxy. Sineya was now free of the Earth and took upon herself the stars to protect.


13. Chapter 13

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**Klingon Home world**

Admiral Tengfei stood in the mist of the maturation palace. Around him were hundreds of shattered and empty breeding chambers. The clone hybrids of Buffy Summers were gone. Hours ago, they all had suddenly awoke. Security guards had reported a great clamor. The slayers near maturation shattered their clear plaz chambers. Security guards reported seeing nude hybrid Klingon girls with bright amber eyes. A few of the security guards tried to stop the girls, a few of them survived.

“They have awakened.” said Tengfei to Admiral Koroth. The two high command officers toured the wreckage. “Starfleet warned us to expect our first slayers soon.” Tengfei said.
“Our daughters have changed.” Koroth said.
“But can they be trusted?” asked Tengfei.
“They must be.” Said Koroth. “It is a matter of honor.”
The two Klingons looked through the wreckage for long minutes before heading back to their respective offices.

**Earth 1996**

“Veritas” said Willow. “It’s a revealing spell. It can document everything that happened here. Apparently, I performed it. That’s why you have it in your head.” She said to Data. Data’s golden eyes were wide and blank as they darted around the room. “That would be good.” Said Data. “These events are not done yet. The potentials here on Earth and the continuum have been awakened. But there are others that must be freed. “Willow looked puzzled.
“I have the full readout of the Veritas spell here.” Data pointed to his temple. “There are slayers in the Delta quadrant.” he said. “But first, we must bury the fragments of the Borg cube that fell to Earth and decontaminate them so that their nanobots do not assimilate the Earth. Willow nodded in comprehension.

**The Cult of Rosenberg**
The high priestess was happy. They had achieved part one of their plan. The events revealed by the Veritas spell Willow had cast over the transwarp core all those hundreds of years ago had been handled properly. She had given the young women that had worked so hard to make it all happen a few minutes to celebrate. While they were basking in the glory of their accomplishments the high priestess reviewed the folder in her lap. There were some interesting possibilities in the Delta quadrant she had to look into. The coven had already made contact with the Caretaker and his wonderful array. For that, she would need extraordinary resources. The high priestess stared intently at the image of a ship captain. She knew she had to get a Federation ship in the Delta quadrant for part two of the plan.

“Welcome to the war captain Janeway.” The high priestess muttered to herself as she closed the folder and ordered everyone back to work.