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All characters from Breaking Bad are the property of Vince Gilligan. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me

Jessie jumped. A monster with yellow eyes was in his face. The handsome young man that had come with the pretty woman had changed into something fierce and demonic. Angel flicked his head. His face returned to normal.

“The world floats in an ocean of darkness,” Angel said. “What the Nazi’s did to you, what Walter did to you was but a taste of the evil in this world. There are things out there that want to destroy the *world all the time*.” Angel stressed the last part of that sentence. “You got caught up in one monster’s apocalypse.” Jessie had settled back down. What Angel had said to him made a horrible kind of sense.

“Look, drugs are bad,” Jessie said.

“Drugs are the worst.” Said, Angel. “Pharmaceuticals are alchemy. Chemistry has been used by wizards and warlocks since day one.”

“All we did was cook a little meth.” Jessie retorted.

“What you did was open the door to the possession,” Angel replied. “There are *things* trying to enter this world from outside. Two beings can’t occupy the same body at the same time. Your product destroyed souls leaving a nice empty body to be used by the others.” Jessie was speechless. What Angel was telling him made a certain terrible sense. Jessie looked down at his drink. He knew that he had done a lot of bad things. He remembered taking care of his sick aunt who wanted him to have her house when she died. From that came the sense of entitlement that excused him from stealing from his parents. When they kicked him out of the house onto the streets his pride prevented him from changing his ways. He sought out other like-minded souls and began to sell his own brand of meth laced with chili pepper. He was well on his way to an unremarkable death in a back alley somewhere. Pride had led him to his fall. That’s when he realized that he was just like Walter White.

“Damn.” Jessie thought to himself. Angel recognized the look on Jessie’s face.

“No. It doesn’t hurt that much to lose your soul. It’s only living with it that brings the pain.” Angel said. He’d lost his soul in a flash when Darla had taken it away from him with a single bite. When he had gotten his soul back hundreds of years later the memory of all the pain he had caused others damn near destroyed him. Angel was still doing his penance. He was still fighting the good fight wherever he found it.

“Repentance leads to salvation,” Angel said. “There are still things you can do Jessie. The World isn’t through with you yet. You can still heal all the pain you caused.” Jessie thought of the child Brock. The boy’s mother was dead because of him. How the hell was he going to fix that? Angel could see the cynicism on Jessie’s face.

“We have a proposition for you.” Faith said. She looked at Angel for the signal to proceed. They had practiced this part quite a bit.

“Come with us.” She said. “We have a small team working on a way to fix what you and Walt did. “ Her eyes were focused and her voice intense. “Walt’s dead but the damage continues.” Jessie looked at her. His eyes were red-rimmed and swollen with tears he refused to shed. He was in too much pain to think about what he had been through.

“Yeah, serves the bastard right,” Jessie said with false bravado. Inside, part of him was conflicted. Part of him still loved the evil old man. Walter White, the man that had taken him by the hand and had to lead him to hell, was like a father.

“Someone I respected and looked up to, someone who made me feel like I belonged, someone who made me feel powerful and loved once asked me to kill all of my friends and help destroy the world.” Faith said. “I was so mixed up at the time I would have done it no questions asked. “ Faith took a breath and swallowed. It took real courage to admit to herself how much of a monster she had become under the influence of a bad daddy.

“The mayor of Sunnydale took me in when no one else would. He fed my darkest impulses, warped me into service of his evil plans.” Faith was loath to confess. “He made me his…”

“*Bitch*?” Jessie completed. He finally heard the word for the first time and was shocked at the brutality of it. He had been calling people for years. He finally understood how asleep at the wheel his consciousness had become.

“Walt was a monster,” Jessie said. “You say he’s dead? Good! I hope he’s burning in hell!” Jessie’s voice had become loud. “I don’t know what you and your weird buddy here are up to but I have had it up to my eyeballs following other people. “ Jessie was panting heavily. “When I finish this drink, I’m leaving this place, I am going out to my car, I am going to slam my foot on the gas and haul ass to Alaska or east bum fuck and I will never think about any of this crap again!”

“Really?” Said an impossible voice behind Jessie that was the sum of all his fears. Jessie turned. He saw who it was. His jaw dropped. He leaped up from the table. He found himself standing behind Faith and Angel. The monster spoke again.

“You know who I am.” It said. Jessie could not bring himself to say it.

“Say my name.” It said.

“No.” said Jessie.

“Say my name!” The creature demanded. Its face was red, flushed with a fierce and unholy passion.

“*Heisenberg*.” Said, Jessie

“You’re damn right.” It said. The ghost of Walter White sat his black porkpie hat on the table, pulled up a chair and sat down with them.


4. Chapter 4

All characters from Breaking Bad are the property of the Vince Gilligan. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Jessie’s eyes were wide. He stared as the ghost of a monster pulled up a chair and sat at the table. He had seen the blood. He know Walter had been shot in his rescue attempt. Yet, here he was. Jessie stood behind Angel and Faith in open mouth shock.

“Fuck this, you’re dead, man!” Jessie said.

The dark eyes of Walter White rolled over the table. His face held a tense and fierce contempt. His lips were downturned. Walter looked at Angel then Faith. He knew these two. He had been fighting their agents for over a year. Finally, he took one look up at Jessie. The thing that called itself Heisenberg had an idea about what they wanted with him. He was here to prevent that. Jessie was his creation and his backup plan. Heisenberg did not want to lose the boy. Jessie knew all of the secrets of the cook. Faith turned and whispered something to Angel. Heisenberg couldn’t hear what she was saying. He would keep an eye on her.

“Have a seat, Jessie,” Heisenberg said. He smiled a little. “I promise I won’t bite.” Jessie looked at Heisenberg a long moment. He pulled his chair closer to Faith and took a seat.

“Listen, Jess,” Heisenberg said with all of the fake sincerity he could muster. “When I found you, you were a lost boy with no direction, no focus and no future. While I’d admit that our relationship has had some bumps in the road…”

“Bumps?!” Jessie said dumbfounded. “You let Jane die!” he screamed. “You tried to murder Brock. You tried to murder a fucking kid!” Jessie’s face was red.

“I knew exactly how much to give him,” Heisenberg said. “Brock was never in any real danger. Anyway, as I was saying. When I first met you, you were lost, directionless. I gave you a purpose. I gave your life meaning. I would like to do so again.”

“When I met you I was happier, sane and not a *murderer!*” Jessie spat back. In the back of his mind, Jessie had to admit that Heisenberg was right. When he first met Walter he was lost. He had fallen into the empty space where his soul used to be. For some reason, he couldn’t help but think of a wooden box he had made in shop once. As Jessie thought of that box he found himself smiling inside. He loved working on that box. He loved the feeling he got knowing that he could make something as beautiful as that. He loved knowing that he could create something other than the blue that was not a poison that destroyed lives.

“Cut the shit, Heisenberg” Angel said. Angel knew the way of demons. He knew the monster at the table was a liar. “You’re creating an army of soulless humans, empty vessels to be filled with a demon army. After all these years Heisenberg, are you still trying to kickstart the apocalypse?”

“Angelus, we need not be enemies,” Heisenberg said. The two creatures looked at each other gauging the measure of the other. The demon Heisenberg knew that Angelus was an enemy to reckon with.

“We are going to stop you,” Angel said.

Heisenberg smiled. “You can try.”

Angel sat motionless for a moment before his hand sprang open. From his palm yellow-red power few into the face of Heisenberg. Faith spoke an ancient spell.

“*Obscurum medium in tenebris*” she said. “The darkness returns to darkness.” The edges of Heisenberg glowed silver. Orange flames licked across his skin. Heisenberg roared as he transformed. Long black fingers forged in hell reached towards Faith. A group of demons behind her lunged forward.

Jessie remembered.

He was in the tenth grade a million years ago. His woodshop teacher Mr. Sullivan asked him to make a box. His grades were terrible. He needed something to save him. He decided to make a box out of dark acacia wood. He spent weeks polishing it. He laid the inside of it with gold leaf. When it was finished it glowed. He loved that box. He remembered what it was like to be whole. And when he had let the memory of something he had loved fill the empty parts of his soul he knew what he must do next. Outside of him, the world was at war. The magic of Faith had revealed the creature Heisenberg truly was. The glamor was gone. All that was left was a monstrous shade. Heisenberg was nothing but bones and decayed flesh, the embodiment of Death. He was one of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Jessie made a choice.

“Let’s do this!” He said.

Angel sprung from the table. His black coat opened like wings revealing twin machetes. Faith was a second behind him. She twisted bringing her fist up then down across the face of the first demon. Angel was fast with the machetes. Silver blades whistled in the air slicing into demon flesh. Arms came off and flopped to the floor. One demon got past them. Jessie knew what to do. He grabbed a bottle from the table and slammed it across the head of the demon. The glass shattered as did his attackers’ skull. Jessie locked eyes with Heisenberg. He gripped the sharp fragment of the bottle tightly.

“It’s over asshole.” He said. Heisenberg knew he had lost the boy. But still, he had hope. Human weakness never went away.

“Let me know Jessie,” Heisenberg said. “Let me know when we can cook.” The ghost of Heisenberg faded. The evil behind it remained.

“C’mon,” said Faith. She knew there was nothing more for them here.

Angel and Faith walked out of the bar. Jessie was behind them. He took one last look around the demon bar. He was leaving his monsters behind. He had a mission now. He had a better purpose. He would fight the good fight with his newfound friends. He would use their technology to undo what he and Walter had done. He thought of the bright future ahead and all the things he had to do on the road to his redemption.

“Yeah Bitches, Science!” Was all he said as he walked out of the bar and into the night.