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“Three to go.” Buffy thought. There were only two vampires standing before her.

“Sneaky bastards!” Buffy thought. She turned, and with wide eyed horror saw the missing vampire behind the Klingon child.

“De”e’ SoH!” Buffy yelled in Klingon. Pidren heard her. The Klingon whipped her bat’leth upwards smacking the vampire in the face. She whipped around slicing downward cutting through flesh and bone. The vampire screamed as one of its legs fell away. The Klingon didn’t wait. She took Buffy’s advice. Pidren followed the momentum of the blade. She swung it into a tight circle and brought the metallic edge down across the back of the vampire’s neck. The head came away and the body exploded. “Kids got some moves.” Buffy thought as she turned back to the other two vampires. She watched as Khan circled around one of the vampires separating them. Buffy immediately took the other vampire. Kahn didn’t wait for Buffy to give him the signal to attack. He had a clear opening and he took it. Kahn jabbed forward in a classic boxer move as he was taught since he was a child. The head of the vampire bobbed sideways then snapped back. If the vampire was human he would have broken its neck. The vampire was not human. It grabbed Kahn’s arm and tossed him to the ground. Kahn grunted as the vampire dropped its full weight on him. The vampire’s face turned ugly as its eyes glowed yellow and ridges appeared along its forehead. Kahn refused to scream as the fangs of the vampire sunk into his neck. The vampire choked. It grabbed its neck as fire burned its throat. Kahn’s blood dripped from its mouth. The vampire screamed as it burst into flames. Black ashes floated in the night air.

Buffy stood face to face with the last vampire. It had lost all of his friends tonight. This was not the easy kill he was promised. The Lords of Gre’thor had lied to him. He was told the killing would be easy in this fake world. He was told he would taste the sweet blood of a slayer. Now things had fallen apart. He was about to die at the hands of the people he was sent to kill. All of the fight went out of him when he accepted that fact. The vampire stopped dead in it’s tracks. It turned to face Buffy.

“Just do it already.” It said. Buffy jammed her steak into its heart. The vampire exploded in a cloud of dust.

Buffy wiped the dust off of her as she turned to catch the young Klingon with a finger pressed to her ear. No doubt she was in contact with the Klingon High Command. Doctor Soong caught her eye.

“What are they?” Buffy said. “What are these augments you’ve created?”

“I don’t know.” Answered Dr. Soong. “But it appears that they have a natural immunity to vampires.”


6. Chapter 6

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

“I don’t need a location spell!” Willow said as she slapped her forehead. Data looked at up at her. The young adept he had been working with was quite skilled at manipulating metaphasic energy. She preferred to call it magic. Data twisted his head to the side. He’d had learned a long time ago that this was an interrogative among humans. Willow was still talking. She had noticed Data’s interest in her comment and felt the need to explain.

“All I need is a retrieval spell. I don’t need to know where Buffy is now. “Willow said. “I just need to get her back.”

“That sounds like a good plan.” Data said. “How do you plan to compensate for time?” he asked. Willow looked at him puzzled.

“Time travel is possible. If Buffy is not in the present, she may be either in the future or in the past. Have you set limits for how far in time you will look for her?” Data asked.

“No.” Willow through sullenly to herself. Sure, she loved Data’s big brain. She could talk to him about almost anything but there were times when his computer intelligence put hers to shame.

“The spell is not bound by time.” Willow said. “It will search the entire four-dimensional manifold of space-time.”

“The universe is over twelve billion years old.” Said Data. “That is a lot of time to search. I’ll help you configure the spell for maximum efficiency. Let’s just hope that Buffy is not assimilated by the Borg in the future. The Humans of this era have no defense against the Borg.”

“Good.” said Willow said as she began to gather the ingredients for the spell.

**Enterprise NX-001**

Jonathan Archer sat in the captain’s chair studying the main screen. The rouge scientist Dr Arik Soong had escaped from the brig and had disappeared into empty space. Now he was back here in Klingon space looking for the doctor. The strange asteroid he had noticed the first time he was here filled the ship’s view screen. There were no signs of Klingon activity, still he had his crew at battle stations. The tension of the bridge was thick enough to cut with a knife. He had been waiting hours for any signs of Klingon battleships and was rewarded with only the sounds of beeps and static from the command console. While he waited, he had ordered a high-resolution scan of the asteroid. He wanted to know what was inside. He was sure it was inhabited. The lights across the main control panel shifted colors. The young ensign at the watch station looked up and spoke clearly.

“Sir, I’m reading two Klingon Bird-of-Prey on rapid approach.” He said.

“Helm, place the asteroid between us and the Klingons.” Archer said. The ship tilted slightly as it dove towards the asteroid. Archer’s plan was to hide from the approaching Klingon ships. He wanted to avoid direct confrontation with this new-found species. The “Enterprise” accelerated and dove towards the giant rock in space.

**Klingon Experimental Site A**

“What was that!?” Buffy asked. She was upset and puzzled. The augment Khan had been bitten by a vampire. Upon tasting the augment the vampire burst into flames. Not even holy water acted that fast. Doctor Noonian Soong looked away from her sheepishly. Buffy caught his body language. She knew he was hiding something. She stepped boldly to him. Her eyes held an intense gaze.

“I fight the supernatural every day.” She said. “I have never seen anything work that fast. What did you do?” Buffy asked. Soong’s eyes darted around her. He was afraid to answer.

“What did you do?” Buffy asked as she stepped closer. Khan had caught the tension between Buffy and Soong. Doctor Soong finally worked up the nerve to tell Buffy a type of truth.

“My creations are artificial lifeforms. They have no genetic history other than what I gave them.” Said Soong as he stopped to clear his throat. “I needed a source of superior genetic information free of human weakness. I found something buried deep in the Starfleet cloud. I found medical and genetic research for the creation of a superior being by a Professor Maggie Walsh. Buffy punched Doctor Soong in the face by reflex. She knew Maggie Walsh and what she had done. Doctor Soong rubbed his jaw as he stood.

“She named her creation “Adam” Soong said. Some of the gene codes were unrecognizable. I had to slave many a long night to convert some of the gene codes into human equivalences. The genes I couldn’t translate I reversed engineered from preserved samples from something called “the Initiative”. After twenty years of hard work, I finally was able to make my dreams come true.” Soong put his arm around Khan.

“My son here is the finest human being that ever lived.” Soong smiled as he patted Khan on the back.

“Your ‘son’ is part demon!” Buffy yelled. Her thoughts flashed back to the nightmare experience with Adam. Buffy shuttered. “Never again.” She muttered to herself. Buffy grabbed Soong and whispered in his ear.

“The thing you made your children from was a killer. It was a monster that slaughtered both human and demon life. It was a creature of unhampered intellect and endless ambition. Your augments will attempt to conquer any and everything in their path. If just one of those things get back to the late twentieth century then we’re looking at the next Hitler!”

“It is the duty of the superior to rule the weak.” Soong said. Buffy hit him again. As she looked down at him she said “I guess we know who’s in charge now.”

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

Admiral Tengfei was as close to a panic as a Klingon could be. The events at Site ‘B’ were spiraling out of control. Thirty young female Klingons had already been killed and converted to cast-out. Site “B’ was now a blood-soaked holocaust. The Admiral was afraid that he would run out of the special cadets the empire had created for this mission. He flipped the small view screen on his command console. It showed a medical warehouse filled with row after row of gestating fetuses near completion. The Human-Klingon hybrids were the only hope of the empire to defend itself against the cast-out. Klingons did not have slayers. The only person to survive the cast-out was a human female named Buffy Summers. They created the hybrids by mixing Buffy and Klingon DNA. With accelerated growth therapy and direct neurological programming the empire could deploy the hybrids only months after they were born. Pidren G’ath of the House of Kor was one of the hybrids. He was there when medical had decanted her only three months ago.

Admiral Tengfei switched his screen back to site ‘B’ just in time to hear the scream of a young Klingon female as she was slammed to the ground and her skull cracked. The cast-out began to feed upon her. Purple Klingon blood covered the ground.


7. Chapter 7

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**The Crab Nebula in the Alpha Quadrant**

The Borg cube hung above the cauldron of gas and fire beneath them. From the neutron star at the center of the nebula, waves of furious “X” and gamma rays blasted outward through the sheets of frozen gases that were the remnant of the supernova that had created this terrible place. The experiment was almost done. The Borg were here to see if they could create Omega particles. The Borg perused research on the Omega particle because it was the most powerful source of energy in the universe. The Borg perused the particles for another purpose. The Omega particle was perfect. The electrons in its valence shell and the sub-atomic particles in it nucleus were arranged in perfect order. For the Borg, to look upon the perfection of the Omega particle was to look upon the face of God. So far, they had failed. They were starting their last set of trials when the collective became aware of a duplicate transwarp signature of a Borg ship that was in the wrong part of the galaxy. It took the Borg only moments to realize that this was a time shifted signal from the future. The Borg was curious. Orders were issued. The Borg cube began its journey towards Earth.

**The Coven of the Cult of Rosenberg Stardate 2155**
The five young women were draped in white and kneeling in prayer. They spoke the ancient spell of balancing over and over again hoping to achieve a harmony of the events of the past. The high priestess eyed them as she walked past the array of women towards the communication center. Admiral Rosenberg had managed to send the signal. Soon the Borg would arrive and her honored ancestor would have to deal with them. Everything now boiled down to timing. She had to make sure that Archer played his role in the scheme of things. Things had to go just so to get Buffy back to the past in time for her confrontation with the Borg.

“Open a channel to the Enterprise.” The high priestess said as she entered the communications center. A young girl pressed a series of buttons on the brightly lit console.

“Encrypt using the old Watchers code.” The high priestess said. The girl at the console complied.

“Standard greetings and time-stamp.” The high priestess said. “Message. Captain Archer, flash override, command priority. It is imperative that you retrieve the slayer from the asteroid. Do this at any cost. Technical specifications to follow for modification of teleportation beam. The specifications must be followed exactly. Reply when task is accomplished.” The girl at the console entered the message then attached a large file with the technical specifications the high priestess gave her separately. She hit the “send” button. A burst of tachyons spat out into space towards the Klingon empire.

**Enterprise NX-001**
The ship shuttered as it took another hit from a bird-of-prey. The two Klingon patrol ships had found him. The enterprise was taking a terrible beating. Captain Archer was patient. He knew the Klingon ships had energy based shields. He was simply waiting for the Klingons to come within range of the photon torpedoes. He was playing a game of cat and mouse hoping to lure them into a trap. Unfortunately, he was the mouse.

“Range to nearest target?” Archer asked the fire control station.

“Fifty Kilometers.” Came an answer.

“I just need five more kilometers.” Archer thought. Just then, Klingon lightning hit the ship. The Enterprise lurched viciously to one side as gravity control plates lost power for a split second. The communications circuit on the arm of the captain’s chair began to beep. He looked at the code. It was a priority message from Starfleet.

“Who the hell is calling me now?” He thought. Archer tapped a button and read the message. His eyes bulged for a moment when he realized that there was a slayer aboard the asteroid he was hiding behind.

“Range to target forty-two kilometers.” The fire control station said.

“Fire!” screamed Archer.

Two photon torpedo leapt from the torpedo bay. Twin points of lights fell away into the black void of space. Both curved as the torpedoes tracked their targets. Even as the Klingon ships began to turn the torpedoes slammed into them exploding on impact. Twin balls of light lit the sky.
Archer exhaled in relief. That should keep the Klingons out of their hair for a while. Now he had work to do for the coven.

**Experimental Site “A”**

Buffy and Pidren walked together in the dark. Buffy was curious about the young Klingon girl. She was pretty sure that the Klingon was here to spy on her.

“Why are you here?” Buffy asked her.

“To bring honor to my family and the Klingon empire!” The young Klingon said proudly. Buffy almost smiled. That was the standard answer for everything the Klingons did.

“No.” Buffy said in an attempt to clarify. “Why are you here now with me in this strange place?” Pidren looked at her as she weighed what to tell the human and what to leave out.

“The Cast-Out are a danger to the empire. “she said. “We barely defeated them thousands of years ago. We have no defense against these creatures. We need your power.” Buffy remembered the Klingon girl she had met aboard the Enterprise.

“So, you don’t know how to activate your Potentials?” Buffy asked.

“Yes.” Answered Pidren. “We’ve lost the magics.”

“Do you at least have the scythe? Buffy asked. She didn’t know how things worked on Kronos but Giles and Willow had figured out that the scythe was important to the magics of the slayer. Pidren looked at her puzzled.

“What is this scythe you speak of?” she asked. “What we have is the sword of honor. The bat’leth first used by Kahless the Undefeated to purge the homeworld of these foul creatures and cast them into the outer darkness.

“Great.” Buffy said. “Now all you need to do is find the bat’leth of Kahless and say a spell.” Pidren listened attentively. Every word Buffy said was being relayed back to the High Command. The two warriors walked on in silence. Around them monstrous forces rallied to win the future.


8. Chapter 8

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

Willow peeked out of the window in the living room behind the couch. Her eyes darted over the darks streets. She could see terrible shapes moving in the darkness.

“We’ve got bigger problems than Buffy.” She said. Data stood behind her. They had just finished putting the final details on the retrieval spell to bring Buffy back from wherever she had gone. Now Willow was focused on something else.

“We were fighting a phantom known as the First.” Willow said. “It hasn’t been around a while. Mabey, Starfleet scared it away.” Willow smiled to herself. Eternal evil was unlikely to be scared by a fleet of little human spaceships.

“The First has an army of vicious killers called the Turok-Han. Thousands of them are still there in the caverns under Sunnydale. We have to find a way to get rid of them.” Willow said as she turned back to Data. Data tapped his com badge.

“This is lieutenant Data to commander Worf” Data said. “Worf here.” came a voice. “Please scan the area under the city for any unusual lifesigns.”
“I have the results of a previous lifescan.” Worf said. “I’ve detected that there are over twenty thousand metaphasic lifeforms beneath Sunnydale.” Willow and Data looked at each other.

“We had planned on using the potential slayers as a strike team.” Willow said. “But there’s no way we can take on twenty thousand Turok-Han.” Willow sounded hopeless.

“Worf is it possible to beam these life forms directly into space?” Data asked.

“We are unable to get a transporter lock on the metaphasic lifeforms. We would have to attach a tracking beacon to each of them separately. “Worf said.

“What if you filled a torpedo with, I dunno, nanobots and use the torpedo blast to cover the Turok-Han with something you can track?” Data did the math in his head. “A torpedo that powerful would destroy the city.” He said. “We would have to go into the caverns and manually attach the tracking pins one Turok-Han one at a time.”

Willow shook her head. She was amazed at how literal Data was.

“The amulet!” Willow spurted. “I just remembered that Angel gave Faith an Amulet to use against the Turok-Han!” Her eyes were wide with excitement then darkened. “That means that we’re still going to have to go into the caverns and kill the remaining Turok-Han by hand.

“We need a way to manually activate the potentials.” Willow said.

“I think I have an answer to that.” Data said. “I have a complete record of events here. The veritas spell you used earlier created a complete video record that somehow ended up in the Starfleet cloud. I have access to those files. I can simply remember how we did it.

“Ok” said Willow as she went to get her magic supplies. “Let’s get to work.” She said.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

Admiral Tengfei was hard at work. He had overheard the words of the Slayer at experimental site “A”. He tapped out messages to the Klingon cultural center and waited for a response. The answer he was waiting for came back immediately. The sword of honor used by Kathless thousands of years ago was safe under lock and key. He sent over a strike team to retrieve it. Admiral Tengfei brought up the view from the “B” site. They needed help there. The landscape of the second asteroid was littered with the bodies of dozens of Klingon clone-hybrids. He needed the magics of the slayer if he was to win this war.

Admiral Tengfei briefed the strike team then sent them on their way. He ordered no causalities while retrieving the sword of honor. The bat’leth of Kahless was currently entrusted to the House of Mogh. They were given the responsibility of keeping it safe. The loss of that artifact would bring great shame to that house. The House of Mogh would fight to the death to keep it under their control. He didn’t have time to worry about that. What concerned him more was the massacre at site “B”. The cameras planted around the asteroid showed nearly fifty dead hybrids. The Cast-Out roamed the bloody and blackened city looking for more victims. The life signs of the last hybrid flickered as the Cast-Out piled upon her. Tengfei could see her hacking away bravely at the monsters but it was no avail. The Cast-Out were just too strong.

“This is no way for a warrior to die!” Tengfei thought angrily. The hybrids were like lambs led to the slaughter. This was how they executed honorless cowards. The Cast-Out had no honor. Tengfei refused to let this blood bath continue. He would not allow the Cast-Out to continue to exist or take advantage of any opportunity to escape. He fingered the two buttons under the command console and armed the nuclear warheads buried throughout the “B” site.


9. Chapter 9

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**Experimental Site B**
She was tired of this place. The demon that occupied the body of the dead Klingon girl was ready to move on to a new killing field. It had taken the last Klingon hybrid only hours ago and had been there when the last Klingon was killed. Now it was hungry and needed a fresh kill. She twisted her fingers and murmured an old spell she learned from her time in Gre’thor. She said the last word and disappeared in a blaze of light. She had successfully escaped the “B” site.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**
He had given up totally. Admiral Tengfei had given up on the “B” site. The Cast-Out had overwhelmed the hybrids and had turned the asteroid into a killing field. Admiral Tengfei scanned the asteroid with growing alarm. There was a huge buildup of metaphasic energy inside of the asteroid indicating the use of raw primal magic. The Cast-Out must not escape. They had to be contained at any cost. Tengfei entered the last part of the command code and pressed two buttons. Matter met antimatter. A brief second sun illuminated the night. The “B” site was obviated in a nuclear hellstorm. Tengfei exhaled. That was close. A single Cast-Out could kill the entire Klingon empire. Static spiked in his headset. He could hear angry voices through the weapons fire. The house of Mogh had staged a light resistance. So far casualties were few. Tengfei cleared head and focused on the “A” site. The demons that had oppressed them for thousands of years were almost in his grasp to control. As soon as he could get his hands on the bat’leth of Kahless and the magics of the slayer the empire would have the weapons of equality needed to destroy the demons that hurt them so many years ago.

**The Enterprise NX-01**
The demon appeared in a flash of light. The teleportation spell had worked perfectly. The darkness of the shuttle bay covered its movement. The Klingon hybrid killed and raised at site “B” sniffed the air. She could tell there were weak and tasty humans nearby. The creature made its way into the hallway in search of a meal.

Private N. Myers enjoyed the feel of her new red top. She was assigned aboard the Enterprise as part of the new MACO team. Starfleet had decided to assign military personnel aboard the Enterprise after the Federation realized that the galaxy was a lot rougher than they knew. She turned a corner and ran into the cast-out. The vampire looked at her a moment. It was distracted by her red shirt. Then she remembered that she was a fearless killing machine. The vampire lunged at Myers.

The Federation solider remembered her training. By reflex she grabbed her phaser, which was set to stun, and fired. The vampire staggered backwards a moment. Myers changed the settings to “kill” then fired again hitting the vampire square in the chest. A chunk of Klingon flesh exploded backwards coating the walls. The chest of the vampire began to heal. The empty space in her chest filled with a soft yellow white light as enchanted matter reconstructed her torn body.

“What the…” Myers said to herself. She had seen a lot of strange things since joining the Enterprise but she had never seen anything like this before.

“What the hell are you?” Myers screamed at the vampire. The cast-out was silent. It bared its teeth as it lumbered towards the human. Myers recognized something about the creature before her. Half remembered rumors passed down in her family sparked a memory.

“Nosferatu…” Myers muttered. Her family had migrated from central Romania on Earth years ago long after Khan Noonien Singh has launched his homicidal eugenics wars. Myers remembered the terrifying legends spoken of in whispers.

“Vampire!” Myers had come to her conclusion. She realized what she was dealing with now. She tapped her com badge.

“Red alert! Intruder in shuttle bay 2. Security to Shuttle bay 2!” Myers had bought time. She had to keep the creature confined here. She could not let it get loose on the ship. Myers assumed the ready stance. Her martial arts training was quite extensive. The Cast-out rushed Myers. As it came at her Myers grabbed the vampire by the wrist and drove her elbow in to the vampire’s throat. The head of the creature snapped back. Myers grabbed the vampire by the head and shoveled it into the wall.

“Let’s get you to the brig.” Myers said. The same basic moves that had worked at the academy had worked here.

“That was fun.” The cast-out said. It had been caught off guard by the human. It planned on fixing that mistake.

The vampire pushed itself away from the wall knocking Myers backwards. The vampire yanked its arm free and slammed a fist into Myers face. Drops of blood flew in the air. The vampire lunged at Myers. She blocked it with an elbow, leaned backwards then brought the heel of her foot across the vampire’s face. The demon was stunned. The human was being difficult to eat. All this violence was making it hungry. The Klingon growled. Myers was feeling desperate. Nothing was working and her training was failing her. She remembered the curse her mother had taught her when she was a child.

“*Spiritus Vitae*” she said. The Klingon froze. It didn’t really breathe but there was a circuit of energy that kept it alive. Now something had disrupted that flow. The energy that animated the corpse shuttered and began to fade.

“No!” The Klingon muttered to itself. It shoved Myers against the wall and sunk its teeth into her neck. A fountain of warm human blood filled the mouth of the demon. Myers scream died in her throat. The cast-out drank the blood from the human until it was empty. The cast-out could feel its energy returning. It felt stronger than ever. The vampire let go of Myers. The body sank to the floor. The vampire turned, refreshed, and made its way down the hallway in search of other humans to kill.


10. Chapter 10

CBS and Paramount own the rights to the Star Trek TV and film franchise. All characters from the Buffyverse are Property of Joss Whedon. Everything else belongs to me.

**Enterprise NX-001**

Captain Archer pushed the toolbox aside in frustration. The coven had sent him instructions on how to modify the transporter to get the slayer that was inside of the asteroid they now orbited. The specifications they had sent him were like nothing he’d had seen before. The specifications were closer to the theoretical models he had seen at Starfleet Research. He knew the transporter specifications locked in on metaphasic energy. This was the energy responsible for magic. This was the energy generated by all supernatural creatures. This was the energy that made slayers possible. An actual Slayer! Archer had trained to be a Watcher but he had never seen a Slayer in his life. Slayers were rare. Vampires were even rarer. Most of them had been wiped out by Khan Noonien Singh during what was mislabeled as the Eugenics wars during the latter part of the twentieth century. This was a big deal for him. If he could see an actual slayer then all this work he was doing for a shadow organization he had never met in person would be worth it.

T’Pol watched her captain with growing concern. Archer was acting erratic as of late. The communications logs had shown that he had received a series of faster than light encrypted messages from Starfleet. It was apparent that the captain was following orders sent from someone in secret. T’Pol was about to consider Archers fitness for command when a shadow passed across the door. T’Pol turned her head and gazed at a young Klingon girl who stood there in complete silence. The Vulcan and vampire looked at each other for long moments. T’pol noted the lack of respiration from the Klingon. She noticed how still the Klingon stood and she finally noticed that the Klingon girl was covered in blood. Her mind knew instantly what she was dealing with.

“Vampire!” T’pol thought. Vulcan legend was full of these creatures. Surak had destroyed them all in the great awakening. They appeared to have survived. Archer had caught sight of the vampire. He was amazed. He thought all of the vampires were extinct. Now he understood why the coven wanted the slayer.

“Don’t move.” Archer whispered to T’pol. T’pol froze. Her body became perfectly still.

“This is illogical.” T’pol said. “The vampire can still see us.” The Klingon vampire growled as it slowly walked towards Archer and T’pol.

“I don’t want to spook it.” Archer murmured to T’pol as he played around with the transporter shielding.

“Who are you?” Archer demanded to know. “What is your house?” he asked of the vampire.

“I am Kura. House of D’Ghor!” The vampire said. Archer could hear the pride in her voice. Archer remembered his Klingon mythology.

“The Cast-Out have no honor!” he spat back at her. The Klingon smiled.

“But we have teeth!” She said as she lunged towards Archer and T’pol and bounced off the teleporter force field. The vampire snarled as it scratched at the energy field that was keeping it from its food. The vampire turned away in a huff and scurried out of the teleporter compartment in search of easier prey. Archer grabbed the tool box and went back to work.

“Hurry.” He said to T’pol. “We’ve got to get that slayer on board now!”

**Experiential Site “A”**

She could hear movement in the darkness around her. Buffy could hear vampires moving in the bushes that lined Revello drive.
“These guys don’t give up.” Buffy thought. The vampires came out of the bushes. They were all Klingon girls. Buffy turned and looked at Pidren who was staring at the vampires with wide eyes.

“They’ve escaped the “B” site!” Pidren said into the subcutaneous microphone buried just beneath her skin. She knew that the power of the Cast-Out was terrible but their use of magic was impressive. Admiral Tengfei was right. If just one these things escaped then the empire was doomed.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

He hated to lose the cadet and the augment Buffy Summers but Tengfei knew that he little time to react. The cast-out could teleport! They could appear anywhere at any time. A handfull of them had escaped the “B” site and was now aboard the “A” site with the augments. If only he could get some of the augment Khan’s blood, he could develop a biological weapon against the cast-out. All those possibilities were gone now. Tengfei entered the authorization codes and activated the nuclear weapons buried along the “A” site.

**Sunnydale 1998**

Willow was careful to arrange the elements in their correct order. The spell to locate and retrieve Buffy was rather sensitive and specific. They didn’t want to end up with an infinite number of Buffy’s from every timeline in the multiverse.

“You ready, Data?” Willow asked.

“Yes.” Data said. He sat quietly as he began the calculations to bring Buffy back from the future.

**Enterprise NX-001**

Archer could hear the sounds of screams and phaser fire echoing throughout the ship. The vampire had left them in search of easier prey. He had sent a warning to the crew and then turned back to installing the transporter upgrades. The upgrades were highly unusual. Not only was the teleport beam unusually strong but it locked on to any human with metaphasic energy. It would ignore an ordinary human or the Klingon vampires. It should only return the slayer since she was the only human down there with metaphasic energy

“Captain.” Came a voice over the intercom. “We’ve detected Klingon nukes below. They’re active.”

“Warp 1.” Said Archer. The Enterprise shuttered as it leapt.

**Experiential Site “A”**

Vampires exploded as cadet Pidren beheaded them. She fought valiantly slicing through the cast-out as if they were paper. Buffy admired her style even if it was a bit sloppy. To her left Khan was holding his own. He was managing to snap the necks of the vampires with his bare hands. Any vampire unlucky to bite him went up in flames.

“We cannot have these creatures on Earth.” Khan grunted. “If I had the chance, I would exterminate them all.” Buffy did not like the sound of that. She had a feeling that Khan would turn the world upside down in his single minded pursue of vampires. Buffy was about to launch herself at a vampire when she flickered. Buffy phased out of reality for a moment then came back.

“Looks like Archer has found us.” Doctor Soong said. He recognized the signs of a faulty teleport lock. Soong looked over at Khan. His firstborn was flickering as well. Khan came back and then both he and Buffy disappeared.

“Well, that’s unfortunate” Soong said as the world around them lit up in a thunderous thermonuclear blast.

**Klingon High Command Stardate 2200**

“Good bye Cadet.” Admiral Tengfei thought. He refused to shed any tears for the young Klingon he was about to kill. It had been a long day. He had sent many brave warriors to their death. One more would not send him to the fiery gates of Gre’thor.

“Today is a good day to die.” Tengfei thought. He twisted the twin activation keys. Millions of miles away bombs in the gigaton range exploded. The “A” site was instantly vaporized.

“They died with honor” Tengfei thought. He would forward the commendations to the respective families.

**Sunnydale 1998**

“What is that?” Willow asked. She had seen the huge cube come out of the sun and float over the house. Data recognized the cube immediately. He tapped his com badge.

“Captain, there appears to be a Borg cube directly above my location.” Data said. The voice of captain Picard came back scrambled and hard to hear. It was cut out by a loud, harsh demanding voice.

**“We are the Borg. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”**

“We have to leave now!” Data said. He recalled a teleport spell Willow had taught him. They both disappeared in a flash of light. Mystical backlash splashed against the Borg shields. A spark flew from the cube to the house. The side of the Summer home exploded. Moments later two forms appeared in the living room.

Buffy looked around. She looked through the torn roof at the huge cube floating in the sky above. She looked over at Khan Noonien Singh who was as lost as she was. She had no idea what to do next.

**Earth San Francisco The Cult of Rosenberg Stardate 2155.**

She was ecstatic. Things had played out as they should. Buffy had been returned to Sunnydale in time and now events that would shake the galaxy would surely emerge.

“Buffy has engaged the Borg.” Said the high priestess to the joyous congregation before her.


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